Georges St. Pierre Will Return to the Cage on Feb. 28

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Georges St. Pierre will return to the cage on Feb 28. to meet the winner of BacardiMMA contest.

BacardiMMA was a contest sponsored by Bacardi Canada where the lucky winner gets the chance to train in the cage with a mixed martial arts (MMA) champion. The lucky winner has been chosen and he will be facing Georges St. Pierre in the cage on Feb 28.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion has a message for the winner. "It's George, eat a good breakfast because we're gonna get in the cage together, soon," said St. Pierre.

After St. Pierre announced his decision to temporarily step away from the octagon ring in December, people have always wanted to know when he will be coming back. Freddie Roach said in an interview that if St. Pierre does not return in two years, he will be gone for good.

In a news article published by, St. Pierre said that he has not totally ruled out the possibility of fighting in the UFC again. The Web site translated St. Pierre's interview with Combate, a Brazilian Web site. Apparently, St. Pierre is really not closing his doors to UFC. He's more than willing to make a comeback to the octagon ring, only if the circumstances are right.

"Maybe one day, if the things happen like I think they should happen, I'll return," said St. Pierre.

"I don't know how long it may take, but I'm waiting."

St. Pierre said that he isn't also ruling out any possibility of fighting Anderson Silva and Brock Lesnar if he really chooses to come back.

"I would fight Anderson Silva, I would even fight Brock Lesnar if it's a fair fight for both."

People don't really know what's going in St. Pierre's mind. His decision to take a break from MMA might be his way to eventually step down from the brutal sport or it may really be his way of working on strength training and conditioning so that he even be a better fighter when he comes back.

What do you think? Will St. Pierre make a comeback to UFC before 2014 ends or will he decide to retire instead?

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