Georges St. Pierre Says Johny Hendricks Can Keep the Title, But Reveals He’s Open for a Rematch If Things Change in the UFC

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After winning the welterweight title in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 79, Georges St. Pierre has successfully defended for six years until he surrendered the belt in December. Now that the belt has a new owner in Johny Hendricks, the Canadian mixed martial artists doesn't mind at all and says that he can keep the title.

St. Pierre wasn't feeling any resentment or bitterness after Hendricks won the welterweight title at UFC 171. Speaking to Ariel Helwani for The MMA Hour, he said that it was his decision to give away the title. "Nobody ever forced me to fight, and its same thing, nobody forced me to stop and I wanted to stop," he said. In fact, St. Pierre was happy to watch the fight, and he thought that Hendricks won it fair.

Regarding the topic of a potential rematch between him and Hendricks, St. Pierre explained that his future in the UFC still remains uncertain unless his demands on the subject of drug testing within the sport have been met.

"If I come back, I have to change some things in the way the fight is done," he said. St. Pierre also made it clear that he has nothing against UFC, and he only wanted to "elevate the sport."

St. Pierre also addressed the issue about UFC President Dana White and Chief Executive Officer Lorenzo Fertitta's claim that they were surprised that he is talking about the issue of drug testing again because according to St. Pierre, he had already spoken to Dana and Lorenzo behind closed doors after his last fight at UFC 167.

Towards the end of interview, Hendricks was connected to their interview and the 32-year-old Canadian mixed martial artist didn't hesitate to commend Hendricks' performance at UFC 171.

"Hi Johny, congratulations, great fight," St. Pierre told Hendricks. "I believe, personally, you win the fight," he added.

Hendricks said he was grateful that St. Pierre "opened the doors" for other fighters like him for the welterweight title that he owned since 2007, but stated that he would still like to fight him for a rematch.

However, St. Pierre only has this to say, "Stick around for a bit, keep the title, we'll see what happens in the sport and if some things change maybe we'll get together again."

Listen to St. Pierre's full interview here.

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