Georges St-Pierre Once a Bouncer; Police Officers Paid GSP a Visit in Paris

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Georges St-Pierre once had to do an odd job before he became famous. The former welterweight champion lived a lot like normal people. St-Pierre even worked as a bouncer before he hit big time in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

It is true that everyone starts somewhere. Some celebrities aren't really wealthy and rolling in money. As for St-Pierre, he recalled having worked as a security for a night club before he found success in the octagon ring.

TMZ Sports caught up with St-Pierre recently and asked the UFC fighter about the worst job he had ever had. "Security in a night club, doorman," St-Pierre said. He said it was a "terrible" job because there were a lot of young people who always got into a fight.

"It was a hip-hop night club, it was hip-hop night, it brings a lot of, you know, I love hip-hop, it's my favourite music, but the club where I was working is, it was very young crowd, a lot of gangs, it was a lot of fights, it was just a headache every night."

According to some reports, St-Pierre worked as a bouncer at a night club called Fuzzy Brossard located in the South Shore of Montreal before he turned as a professional mixed martial artist. St-Pierre also reportedly worked as a garbageman for six months so that he will able to pay for his school fees.

Meanwhile, the UFC champion is in France as seen on his latest Instagram post. St-Pierre posted a snap where he was seen surrounded by several police officers. Apparently, the police paid him a visit only to take some photos with him.

"In Paris, it's afternoon out of my hotel, I was nervous when the police arrived, it was not to stop me but just to take pictures, lol," St-Pierre wrote on Instagram.

St-Pierre's UFC Career

Since vacating the welterweight title after his victory against Johny Hendricks in November, St-Pierre's return to UFC will not happen in 2014. Speaking to The Globe and Mail's Neil Davidson as reported by, St-Pierre said he didn't plan to return in UFC competition before 2015. Even after he suffered a second torn ACL, he said that it wouldn't affect his UFC return. He said it is up to him if he wants to fight in the UFC again.

One thing is certain, St-Pierre is certainly enjoying his break from the UFC. He also has a lot of things to keep himself busy with. He recently starred in the Marvel movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." He has also been cast to star in the remake of Jean Claude Van Damme's movie "Kickboxer."

Even though he has no income from UFC, he still makes a lot of money. UFC commentator Joe Rogan, in fact, regarded St-Pierre as UFC's $5 million man.

"He's making a lot of f***ing money," said Rogan. "He's got sponsors, Gatorade, all this other stuff, other revenue coming in," Rogan added.


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