George Clooney's Mama Nina Clooney Loves Amal Alamuddin, Bonds Over Interest In International Affairs

George Clooney Hitched? (Photo:WikimediaCommons/MichaelVlasaty)
George Clooney Hitched? (Photo:WikimediaCommons/MichaelVlasaty)

George Clooney's engagement to girlfriend Amal Alamuddin shocked many, considering the grown man and Oscar-winning actor has been quite hard to pin down by anyone. If there's one woman that Clooney adores unconditionally and believes he can spend the rest of his life with, it's his mama, Nina Clooney. He values everything his mom says and thinks, and is a proud mama's boy.

Good thing then that Nina Clooney is on board with the idea that his grown baby is now settling down and it helps that she actually loves Amal Alamuddin too!

Speaking from her home in the tiny village of Augusta, Kentucky, Nina Clooney claimed her son first introduced Miss Alamuddin to them about a year ago. She shared that the the family and Alamuddin bonded over their mutual interest in international affairs.

"You can say I'm extremely happy," Nina Clooney shared when her longtime bachelor son announced the announced engagement. "Amal's a lovely girl. I like her very much." Clooney is the youngest son of Nina, a former beauty queen, and Nick Clooney, a television personality.

Even though rumors have been raging for days that George Clooney, one of the sexiest man alive, is thinking about settling down and soon, nothing has been confirmed until sources confirmed the news to Us Weekly on Saturday. No doubt, George Clooney was enamored with Amal Alamuddin's brains and beauty and these enamored Nina Clooney as well. Sources even said that they have an inkling of where the relationship was headed to because the match seems made in heaven. They added that Clooney is incredibly happy with Alamuddin, which is a feat considering it was quite hard to catch the attention of George Clooney after he divorced from wife.

Amal Alamuddin joined the roster of high-profile personalities that Clooney entered in a relationship with such as Stacy Keibler, Elisabetta Canalis, and Lisa Snowdon. However, it is Amal Alamuddin that successfully got Clooney to commit fully.

"He likes a woman with brains and class," a source told Us Weekly of Clooney's choice to finally commit to Alamuddin. "She's the full package... He's happy and found his ideal match. He didn't settle, so good for him."

With the other most important woman in his life gushing about his wife-to-be, Clooney couldn't be any more happier. 

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