George Clooney and Amal Amaluddin Under Pressure to Have Babies Soon after Marriage: Amal's Old Father Wishes to See her Become a Mom!

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For the recently engaged and very much in love couple - George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, having a baby soon after marriage will have to be their top priority, it has been revealed. The gorgeous looking couple are expected to tie knot in the year 2014 itself and have babies soon after, is reporting.

Since's Amal's family doesn't want them to date for a long time and rather settle down traditionally, George and Amal are planning to tie the knot sometime in September, the Web site is reporting.

"The wedding is to take place in September 2014. They've told family and friends they will only disclose the location at the last minute, and it will be very private. Neither George nor Amal want the wedding to be a public affair - and her family really doesn't either," a source close to the couple revealed to

Amal's family s traditional and her dad has reportedly made clear to Gorge that he wants to see his grandchildren soon as he is getting older now. So Clooney, 54 and Amaluddin 36, would have to plan babies soon.

"Her father is getting older, and he really wants to see her kids [before he dies]. Out of all his kids, he's especially proud of Amal. It would mean the world to him to see her become a mom," the source revealed to the Web site.

Meanwhile, Geroge Clooney's friends and ex-girl friends have been expressing their feelings about his sudden engagement. Julia Roberts said she is happy about George getting engaged to Amal.

"I think it is sublime," Roberts said of Hollywood's most eligible bachelor at the Ellen DeGeneres show, reports adding that she thinks Amal is "beautiful and smart and he is happy."

Meanwhile, actress Sandra Bullock is upset that his good friend George has chosen Amal and not her to spend his life, reports

"Sandra has secretly carried a torch for George for years. As long as he was single, Sandra held out hope that they might get together romantically someday. But now George is set to marry Amal," reports Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

Stacey Keibler, another ex-girl friend of George Clooney, revealed to E! Online that she is 'happy' for the actor, whom she dated for two years.

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