George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin Apply For Marriage License in London

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Director and actor George Clooney
Director and actor George Clooney arrives at Omega's dinner party in Shanghai May 16, 2014. REUTERS/Aly Song REUTERS/

George Clooney and fiancée Amal Alamuddin are going full steam ahead with no room for cold feet as the date for their impending nuptials approaches. The two have reportedly applied for a marriage license in London.

A copy of Clooney and Alamuddin's intent to marry has been posted at Chelsea's Old Town hall as part of the European Union's requirements before their marriage license will be granted. A public posting shall be on display for 15 days before permission shall be granted to any couple who intend to marry in which one or both parties are citizens of the EU. Once granted, the license is valid for a full year. A photo of the posting has been obtained by Dlisted through one of their readers. Despite the grace period of a full year, it is believed that Clooney and Alamuddin intend to marry sometime in September this year.

Just last month, the couple's mothers were spotted bonding around Lake Como where they appeared to be out shopping together. The photo of the future in-laws came out shortly after Clooney slammed reports published on British Publication The Daily Mail claiming that Alamuddin's mother was opposing the marriage due to religious reasons.

In recent months, the pair has constantly been spotted around Italy mostly near Clooney's Lake Como estate. Initial speculations pegged the wedding to be taking place in the Hollywood A-lister's home but security concerns for the guests were raised. Clooney was also reportedly concerned about the welfare of his neighbours who are used to the quiet and very private nature of the affluent neighbourhood. Because of numerous concerns, the pair has reportedly decided to still hold the wedding in Italy but possibly in a more suitable location in the romantic city of Venice.

Meanwhile, back in New York City. Ellen Barker hosted a bridal shower for Amal according to The New York Post's  Page Six. Barker appeared with Clooney in "Ocean's Thirteen'" the third installment of Clooney's highly successful "Ocean's" movies. Some of the other actors who appeared in the films are reportedly invited to the wedding including Brad Pitt. It still remains to be seen if Brad will in fact be facing Jennifer Aniston for the first time since they split during Clooney's wedding.

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