General Hospital Spoilers: Where Is Heather?

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Emma accompanies Patrick to work at the hospital. But Obrecht reprimands the two of them suggesting to Patrick to leave Emma at home. Sabrina arrives late and admonished. Obrecht assumes that Patrick is the father of her conceived baby.

Patrick reams out Obrecht as Sabrina pulls aside Emma, asking if Patrick is indeed the baby's father. Patrick wonders why the WSB lets her loose. According to her, she gives them the most valuable data.

Meanwhile, Liz and Britt are in the elevator. Britt is wet and accused Liz of pushing her because she is jealous. Liz said she does not think Britt and Nikolas are equals and believes Britt will ruin the relationship on her own. Obrecht informs Britt of Sabrina's pregnancy and confirms that it is not Patrick's. Britt is speechless as Patrick walks off. Britt is not sure why Obrecht had to rub it in. But he said he thought she would appreciate it, considering her baby is really Lulu and Dante's. Sabrina tells Emma that her friend, Carlos, is her baby's father. Liz then comes in saying she wants to tell Patrick that the baby is his.

A man enters in Robin's house introducing himself as Victor Cassadine. He is in custody but his great nephew is Nikolas. Victor is the new WSB director and Obrecht offered him some valuable information. Stavros and Helena are on Cassadine Islands and he wants Robin to bring them back.

While the Miscavige receptionist reads about AJ getting away with Connie's murder, Kiki arrives and tries to access Heather by saying Franco is her father. The receptionist recognizes Kiki from the story and knew she is not a Quartermaine. Kiki cries and says they will sue the press for misinformation. Kiki asks her grandmother and Kelly has asked someone bring her to Heather. Kiki greets her but is informed that Heather is catatonic. But when the orderly checks up on her, he figures it is actually a drugged up Luke, wearing a wig and a strait jacket.

At PCPD, Dante and Anna pull a knife and tell Franco they found it in Carly's car, covered with blood and his fingerprints. Franco is clueless but they urge him to look closer and understands that the knife is used to stab Heather. He doesn't speak until Diane arrives, while Anne leaves him alone with Dante who thinks Carly's family deserves to know the truth. Tracy arrives and tells Anna that Luke might have been kidnapped. Anna appears unalarmed but Tracy insists. Kiki arrives and tells Franco that Heather is in a catatonic state, locked safely in her cell.

In the stables, Heather gags Carly where Cameron and Spencer get ready to slay the chupacabra. They interrupt Heather but she tells them she just caught the chupacabra with Carly moaning under the blanket. Spencer takes the knife and walks over to Carly but couldn't do it and runs off instead. Cameron also runs off. Nikolas is reading about chupacabra online when Lulu walks in to thank Britt for encouraging her to make amends with Dante. She then makes a shocking discovery with Ben.

Nathan wants to patch things up with Dante while Emma asks who Sabrina's baby's father really is. Patrick wonders why Britt thinks she could lose Bean while Robin asks for a reason she should help Victor. Franco admits to Kiki that he murdered Heather while Nikolas takes Heather's knife because she needs it back.

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