‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for Week May 26-30: Tracy Knows about Luke, Sonny and Ava Drama Plus Shocking Twists this Week

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The week of May 26 is set to feature shocking revelations and twists for "General Hospital" fans. Tracy is suspicious about Luke's behaviour. It is likely that she might find out the truth about him in the upcoming week's episodes. Carly plays a recording for Sonny. Now, Sonny is ready to take down Ava. Meanwhile, Luke thinks that he made Julian understand the repercussions of quitting the mob, but Luke gives another ultimatum to Julian.

According to Soap Opera Fan, the results of Sonny knowing about Connie's murder by Ava reflect in the "General Hospital" episodes. There may be effects on other characters as well, like Morgan.

Also, Tracy comes to know that something's off about Luke's behaviour. She realises that he has weird plans. Luke's behaviour might be explained in this week's episodes.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, on May 29 Luke meets one of his associates and this get together might reveal Luke's true identity. Moreover, in this instalment, Julian will reveal a secret.

In the week of May 26, Nathan West and Maxie will come closer.

Meanwhile, Carly and Franco have the recording from AJ Quartermaine's cell phone which reveals Ava's involvement in Connie's murder. Sonny learns about the tape after Carly plays it for him. He comes to know that Ava played with him and murdered Connie.

Will Sonny harm or kill Ava in the upcoming "General Hospital" episodes?

Also, Nina Clay is coming back to Port Charles. However fans will get to see her on June 3. Silas and Sam are shocked after she awakened from her coma.

The coming week of May 26-30 in "General Hospital" is packed with action and drama. Imposter Luke's identity and Ava's secret are going to rule the upcoming episodes. How will Sonny react after hearing the content of the tape?

"General Hospital" episodes air Monday to Friday on ABC Family. 

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