'General Hospital' Spoilers Week March 24: Who Could Julian Jerome's Bankroller Imposter Be and Will Britt Lose Nikolas Upon Baby Ben's Truth?

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The truth about Britt's baby is finally revealed at her and Nikolas' engagement party and below are just some of the things you can expect from the "party from hell" in the week of Mar. 24 on "General Hospital."

Nikolas and Britt's engagement party will continue throughout Mar. 24 through the 28th and it will be a culmination to a bigger event. Nikolas, Lulu and Dante will find about the truth about Ben and while technically, Britt stole the baby from Dante and Lulu, it could be quite complicated legally especially that Ben's certificate has Britt's nam on it.

Meanwhile, Detective Nathan West is in Port Charles to arrest Silas for the attempted murder of his sister, Nina. He appears obsessed about making Silas pay for what he did to Nina, frantically forming a case against him. Soon, both Silas and Nathan will make some shocking discoveries and will instead team up and work together.

Carly finds out who shot A.J. while Kiki catches her mother, Ava, sneaking into A.J.'s hospital room again. Nikolas will confront Britt upon knowing that she stole his sister's son and will then visit Elizabeth.

It has also been revealed that Julian Jerome's secret financier is Luke Spencer, bankrolling and funneling him cash to bring Sonny Corinthos down. Spencer was recently held captive inside Miscavage and drugged for a couple of days. He was not himself when he was rescued, sexually harassing women and groping Kiki.

It could be that he is not Luke at all. "Let's make something perfectly clear. You work for me. I give you the money, you do what I want. I am not going to let you screw me up, taking Corinthos down once and for all," Luke told Julian. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Luke is friends with Sonny and would not pay Julian to take him that. Also, Luke Spencer is broke. It could then be an imposter and a popular opinion among fans is that he is Luke's doppelganger cousin, Bill Eckert. Bill is married to Julia Barrett and the co-owner of Barrett Industries, which is the same family that Sonny thought was funding Julian Jerome from the start. Bill was murdered in 1993 but it is possible that he is still alive. It could also be Jerry Jacks or Faison who's used masks and disguises before.

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