General Hospital Spoilers for the Week of July 28 – August 1, 2014: WWE Star David Otunga Appears as Guest Star

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Friday's episode of "General Hospital" showcases Nina's deceitful ways to seduce Silas. Meanwhile, Jordan and Shawn are coming close. What fans can expect in the upcoming week of July 28 - August 1, 2014 in the show? Have a look at the spoilers.

Warning: Spoilers Alert!

This article contains spoilers for "General Hospital" July 28 - August 1, 2014 episodes. Read if you wish to know about the episodes.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for July 28, 2014

Jordan is in danger as her secret is about to be unravelled. Her life's at risk in this episode. According to, Mickey learns her secret.

Elsewhere, Ava needs Franco to help her deal with Sonny. She wants to bring Sonny down at any cost.

Julian is over the edge and the reason is an explosion.

Sam believes that things are over with Silas.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for July 29, 2014 states that Franco is being convinced by Ava to give her the recording.

Sam thinks Silas has moved on in life after she sees a moment between Nina and Silas.

Mickey knows Jordan's truth. Mickey wants to teach her a lesson.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for July 30, 2014

Julian talks to Jordan about the explosion and who was behind it.

David Otunga, WWE star makes an appearance in this episode as himself.

Tracy is talking to Luke about Alice's condition and Ned happens to overhear their conversation.

Julian talks firms to fake Luke about the hit.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for July 31, 2014

Tracy learns about a way to treat Alice's condition.

Meanwhile, Britt thinks about telling the truth to Nikolas about Spencer.

Julian wants to know the truth about the explosion from Luke. However, Luke wants to know what Ava is up to about Sonny.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for August 1, 2014

Ava tells Julian about her new business deal.

Meanwhile, Julian informs Sonny that he knows about AJ's truth.

Sam and Patrick learn a few interesting things about Nina. 

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