General Hospital Spoilers: Someone's Spying on Ava and Sonny, Will A.J. Die and Is Donna Mill's Character Julian Jerome's Financier?

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Big "General Hospital" spoilers are fresh out of the oven and we will figure out a lot of things happening in Port Charles this week. Warning: major spoilers alert from CelebDirtyLaundry!

Sam wanted to clear Silas' name so she assisted her boyfriend Silas break into a maximum security hospital to see his comatose wife Nina and in a shocking twist, Sam and Silas discovered she was not in her hospital room. Sam also did not know she was only a few feet away from her husband, Jason Morgan, who's frozen and in a coma next to Nina's, where Victor Cassadine left his body two years ago.

Nina has been in a coma for more than twenty years due to an overdose of antidepressant after trying to kill herself as soon as she found out her husband was having an affair with Ava. An NYPD defective named Nathan West moved to Port Charles to investigate on the case. Nathan became obsessed with Silas, the main suspect because he believes Silas tried to kill Nina. A pharmacist also claimed that the anti-depressant that harmed Nina was actually prescribed to Silas.

Imagine their surprise when Sam and Silas tried to find out who's framing him and found that Nina was not in her hospital room. While it is possible that she has already woken up or just moved to another location, it is also speculated that Nina might actually be the one who is framing Silas and not Ava. While Sam and Silas were talking about Nina's absence, there was a mystery person listening to them as well. Who could this be?

Meanwhile, fans have been quite convinced that Sonny's brother, Ric, is actually the mystery person supporting Julian Jerome. However, it is also likely that Donna Mills' new character appearing in March will actually be the one. With her stature, she will definitely have a major role and it would be a huge thrill for her fans if she actually appears on the show unexpectedly.

Jason Morgan has also been presumed dead in 2012 after Cesar Faison shot and left him in the lake but Victor's friends took him out of the water and left him in a coma for two years. Dr. Robin is now in a mission to save and bring him back to life but before Victor gives Jason away, Robin has to patch up Port Charles villains Helena and Stavros.

Finally, Sonny shot A.J. Quartermaine and fans want to know if he will live or die. A.J. remembers exactly what happened when Connie was shot and Ava was definitely upset to hear this news. When A.J. confronted Ava, Sonny stormed in and not knowing what Ava had just confessed, he suddenly shot A.J. to save her. There are no plans for Sean Kanan to leave "General Hospital" so A.J. should live through this incident. His son will rush by his side later this week so he would still be alive by then. Ava thinks Julian Jerome will be the main suspect but the mystery person seems to have heard this and might just inform Julian soon.

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