'General Hospital' Spoilers: Natalia Livingston Returns to Reunite Emily Quartermaine and Nikolas Cassadine?

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"General Hospital" has some good news for Emily Quartermaine fans: Natalia Livingston will return to her role even for just a few days. But how long will she be onboard? Emily has returned to General Hospital a couple of times as a ghost. She first reappeared when Nikolas was suffering from brain tumor. The second was in 2009 when her twin sister Rebecca Shaw, pretended to be Emily to earn the Quartermaine fortune. Unfortunately, Emily will reportedly appear in two episodes only, just like how the character was last seen in April 2013. Young Emily showed up to Tracy and Monica back then but there is still no word about who will see her this time. Fans also wonder if the spirits of Alan and Rick will reappear this time as well.

Fans are now wondering how Emily's presence will affect the events in Port Charles at this time. There have been several speculations and hopeful thinking, including seeing her back from the dead. Based on the show's history, the producers can certainly find a way. Fans seem to be unhappy with the romance between Britt and Nikolas and still want Emily and Nikolas together. Does this sound quite a shoot for the moon at this time?

Though fans would want the show to revive Emily after she was killed off in 2007, according to Soaps In Depth, the character will reappear as a spirit again this time. She might be coming back to help her brother A.J. but it is still unclear how it could happen given that they did not really have a close relationship when she was still alive.

It is also possible that Nikolas needs her support if he finds out about Britt's secret. Emily was the love of Nikolas' life. She was killed the same night Nikolas proposed and gave her an engagement ring. She was killed by the "Text Message" killer at the Black and White Ball of November 2007.

This is apparently another short stint for Natalia who has also portrayed Emily's twin sister, Rebecca Show on the soap. Livingston also had a role on "Days of our Lives." Fans of Nikolas and Emily are still hoping that she will find her way back to the show more regularly, alive and not simply a ghost of Emily Quartermaine. Anything is possible with the Cassadines around anyway.

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