‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for May 5-9: Olivia Finds Out about Sonny and Ava’s Affair, Imposter Revealed at Nurses Ball 2014 Plus AJ’s Murder Case

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Folks at Port Charles are surrounded by secrets. However, the good news is "General Hospital" viewers will get answers about Luke Spencer in May 5-9. Also, residents of Port Charles learn more about the death of AJ Quartermaine. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, these answers will be out during the "General Hospital" Nurses Ball.

There is something wrong about Luke Spencer and the fans know this. Celeb Dirty Laundry states that Luke in the "General Hospital" is nothing but an imposter. Moreover, the residents of Port Charles have started realising this. In the May 5-9 week, Michael visits Luke to talk about the stories he has come across about him harassing Kiki, his girlfriend. Apparently, Luke is sure that Michael is set to uncover his secret, so he plans to make a shocking revelation at the Nurses Ball 2014.

Meanwhile, during May 5-9 in "General Hospital," Sonny and Ava's container of lies might explode and they can be in trouble. Ava must challenge her brother Julian, who has been sent by imposter Luke to murder her for going against the organisation. If Ava hadn't given files of Julian to Sonny, then Sonny would have never known that Julian and Luke were ready to take him out.

Moreover, Olivia begins to understand things and is close to finding out about Sonny and Ava's affair.

Also, in this week in "General Hospital" new evidence come up in AJ's murder case. Dr. Obrecht is set to make a shocking announcement and Maxie and Nathan continue to fight over her boyfriend Levi.

"General Hospital" May 5-9 is going to be the week when fans learn about the fake Luke. Rumours have it that Sonny and Ava get married in May so that they can't testify against each other in court.

"General Hospital" will showcase the Nurses Ball and fans might get to see some unexpected guests during the event. 

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