‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for June 16-20, 2014: Problems between Silas and Sam as Nina, Carly and Franco Move in Together

  @MazumdarTarun on June 13 2014 7:11 PM

After last week's drama, now "General Hospital" fans must get ready for June 16-20 episodes. Check out "General Hospital" spoilers for the upcoming week's episodes.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for June 16, 2014

Juan Santiago makes a comeback and takes Sabrina out of town. According to About.com, Theresa Santiago is set to go on maternity leave.

Meanwhile, Rafe is caught red-handed with drugs. How will Rafe explain the situation?

Elsewhere, Silas tries to explain Sam what happened between Nina and him. Nina is nice however, it is difficult to trust her at this stage.

Nathan and Levi get into an argument again. It is crazy that they are still together in the apartment.

Anna asks Sonny to keep Duke out of any dispute with the Jerome family.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for June 17, 2014

Josslyn debuts in this episode. Michael is trying to help out Morgan. Meanwhile, Carly and Franco move in.

Silas comes home only to find something truly surprising. What can be the surprise here? Is it related to Nina?

"General Hospital" Spoilers for June 18, 2014

Lulu and Olivia talk and she (Lulu) makes a decision. It has to be seen if Dante agrees to it.

Michael makes a new strategy for ELQ. Maxie is surprised to see a witness at the custody hearing.

Silas is shocked to see what Sam does.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for June 19, 2014

Tracy comes up with a plan and fake Luke is not happy about it. Alexis and Molly still have issues. Ric is creating problems even if he is not in the scene.

Silas is not sure of Sam. Will Nina become the key cause of the problem in their relationship?

Meanwhile, Anna is impatient and wants results. She wants Jordan to get the results.

"General Hospital" Spoilers for June 20, 2016

In this episode of "General Hospital," Nina wants answers and she wants them from Silas. The answers regarding Sam. 

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