'General Hospital' Spoilers: How Dirty Will Britt Go To Keep Ben from Dante and Lulu


New "General Hospital" spoilers on Soap Central are out and this is going to be an explosive week in Port Charles. There is a heartbreaking goodbye and a major confrontation in store this week.

Britt told Nikolas that Dante was actually the father of Ben, claiming that her Mom Dr. Olbrecht used his sperm sample unknown to her and in a shocking twist, Nikolas actually bought her story and proposed to her. Nikolas and Britt could have a smooth relationship if only for the fact that Ben is actually the son not only of Dante but also of Nikolas' sister, Lulu. Britt left the fact that her mom not only stile Dante's sperm, but also Lulu's fertilized egg and implanted it inside her. This makes her a surrogate mother, no relation to Ben at all.

Dante and Lulu have struggled through fertility problems and want nothing but a baby of their own. Once he finds out, Dante will surely fight to take his son from Britt. It was only Britt's desperate attempt to get Patrick back but now that she has already raised Ben as her own, she does not intend to give him back to his real parents. With her capable of fighting dirty, this will surely be a big fight over Ben.

Ava and A.J. will have a confrontation over Connie's murder and it appears that A.J. will be injured in the end. The authorities and A.J.'s family and friends will not know about Ava's involvement but Michael will be beside his father, wondering whether Sonny could've been involved.

Patrick and Robin make the most of their time together but Victor seems to try to convince Patrick that there is still hope. Silas will try to visit Nina but may not make very far. Nina might wake up from her coma soon and fans speculate that Michelle Stafford may play the role.

Ric and Elizabeth will see each other and Ric use this time to reveal something to her. Alexis will find out that Liz and Ric ran into each other and will seem not too pleased about it. Molly and T.J. are not happy about their separation while Duke may get himself into trouble with Anna. Luke will lie to Tracy bit will explain why he did later on. Someone will be implicated in A.J.'s shooting and it will stun everyone in Port Charles.

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