'General Hospital' Spoilers Feb 24-28: Julian Jerome's Bankroller and Truth About Connie's Death Revealed, Robin Scorpio Saves Jason Morgan

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The drama heats up in Port Charles as ABC's popular soap opera "General Hospital" marks its 13,000th monumental episode on Monday, Feb. 24. Here are General Hospital spoilers for Feb. 24 - 28 and GH fans seem to be in for a treat this week.

There will be heartbreaking moments between Patrick and Robin. She will leave Emma and Patrick to help Jason but Patrick will still let her know how he feels. T.J. and Molly just took their relationship to the next level and booked a hotel room. While they finally got the keys to their room, the teenage couple will still experience more obstacles and unexpected twists and turns in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Kiki and Michael will talk about their relationship. Kiki aided Franco's escape because if she did not betray Michael, his mother would die. However, the trust is gone and this week will reveal whether Michael and Kiki can still mend their relationship or just go their separate ways.

A.J. still hangs out with Connie's ghost or hallucination in the cemetery and will discover an important missing piece to the puzzle. While Ava convinced him that he murdered Connie and she covered up for him, he still doubts what really happened.

Ric Lansing will return to Port Charles and it is believed that his return is related to the secret investor who has been financially supporting Julian Jerome's company.

Carlos will argue with Ava to get her hands dirty in a tough spot. Julian and T.J. will talk about the warehouse shooting that seems to throw T.J. for a loop. Alexis will question why Ric has to return to Port Charles. T.J. will open up to Sonny and Shawn, who both have strong opinion on what should happen in the future. Nathan will help Kiki see her father's file and warns her about several disturbing details. Sonny visits the latest occupant of Metro Court.

Patrick will tell Sabrina about Robin's plans while A.J. is attacked by Carlos as Silas, Sam and Delia execute their Nakamura plan. Robin will announce some emotional news to family and friends but Anna thinks there is more she is not sharing. Sonny will support Lulu on Dante.

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