'General Hospital' Spoilers: A.J. Wakes Up and Reveals Secrets in Port Charles

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This is an important week on "General Hospital" as A.J. (Sean Kanan) continues to struggle for his life and people in Port Charles are suspicious about who could actually be his assailant. According to the GH Facebook page, the week of March 10 will involve lives on the line and secrets coming to the surface. Another post reveals Carly confronting Sonny (Maurice Bernard) about his possible involvement in A.J.'s shooting.

Julian Jerome (Michael DeVry) is currently the suspect in the shooting and is currently in jail but in truth, Ava (Maura West) is actually the real culprit and still at large. According to the promo clip though, her secret could be revealed this week. "Do you know who shot A.J.?" Michael (Chad Duell) asked his Dad, Sonny. "I do," Sonny admitted. It is possible that Sonny will reveal Ava's secret but make it clear that she did so to defend herself from A.J.'s attacks. Ava saw Sonny at the door after she committed the crime and came up with a story to explain her side. An emotional Michael visits A.J.

Britt tells her mother that she and nikolas are engaged while Ric offers something to Liz. Dante and Anna go into a deeper probe to know about the truth to A.J.'s shooting while Emma asks Patrick a tough question about Robin.

Tracy will pick up on Luke who's been acting pretty strange lately after Heather (Robin Mattson) made him disappear. He sees a captive Carly (Laura Wright) and knows that Heather is behind it but fails to rescue her. Meanwhile, Duke resists talking about the shooting with Anna. A mysterious link between Julian and Ric will soon be revealed as Lucas and Brad get a surprise visit from Felix.

Other "General Hospital" spoilers include Felix and Carly talking about Lucas being her brother as Liz wonders whether or not she will accept Nikolas' invitation to the engagement party. Lulu will also have a dream about Ben as Ava desperately hides what actually happened with A.J. Luke shows a new side of himself to Kiki (Kristen Alderson) but it could be a new threatening level. Sam comes up with a new suspect to Nina's case while Patricks tells Monica and Michael about A.J.'s medical options, while a threat lurks in A.J.'s room.

General Hospital airs every Mondays through Fridays at 2:00 P.M. on ABC.

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