‘General Hospital’ Sneak Peek Video and Spoilers: Hit Man Arrives to Kill Someone at the Gallery Plus Fierce Gun War [VIDEO]

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ABC's hit soap "General Hospital" is set to witness a shootout and gun battle in the upcoming instalment. A new sneak peek video suggests that shooting may have casualties.

Julian has organised a family dinner to declare that he is officially quitting the mob. However, imposter Luke is not in a mood to let him part ways like this as he has something in store for Julian. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, imposter Luke has asked his hit-man to go to the gallery and kill Lucas, Alexis or Sam. The hired killer arrives and shoots someone at the dinner table. Who will die in this "General Hospital" episode?

In the upcoming "General Hospital" episode, Dante and the PCPD (Port Charles Police Department) have busted the drug deal Jordan is a part of. They are holding Jordan and others at gunpoint. However, it is not easy to take down the gang as the video points out a shootout.

The dealers open fire at the police and this leads to full blown gun battle at the pier. It is expected that the shootout will cause many casualties.

It looks like things will take an ugly turn in the "General Hospital" episode as people are expected to die during the shootout. Also, it will be interesting to know whom Luke has sent as the hit-man to the gallery. Will a major character die in the "General Hospital" episode?

Imposter Luke has already threatened Alexis when he learned Julian has decided to part ways with the mob. Is it possible that Alexis will take the hit-man's bullet in the upcoming episode? It will certainly impact the show if something happens to Alexis.

Check out the "General Hospital" sneak peek video for May 21, 2014 below.

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Credits: YouTube/General Hospital HQ

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