General Hospital Recap and Spoilers: Going to Get Messy Episode

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Sam informs Dante that Silas was arrested by his partner but Dante does not think there was enough evidence. Sam admits that she was scared, trying to help but Nathan may probably be off celebrating somewhere now. Dante cannot help as Nathan has the case with him from New York. Sam says that he must be so eager to go home to Lulu. Dante then reveals that Lulu left him as she blames him for the loss of baby Connie. Sam understands how painful it is to lose a baby and urges Dante to be strong because Lulu will return home. She invites him to join her to Kelly's for a BLT but stay at work.

Meanwhile, Duke brings lunch for Anna. She knows that Duke works for Sonny and accuses him of fooling her. He becomes upset and admits he works for Sonny but asks her why she can't understand that he would do anything just to protect her. Anna is then livid. She asks Duke to allow her to handle Julian but Duke's finished with being rescued by Anna. He doesn't want to be controlled and wants to have his power back. Anna begs Duke to stop working for Sonny but even if he loves Anne, he will still work for Sonny until Julian is not a threat anymore.

At Kelly's, Molly and TJ realize that Rafe is the one who ratted TJ out to Anna. Rafe admits it and Molly cannot believe he could risk TJ's life just like that. Rafe then explained why he did it, saying he only wants to be with Molly. He apologizes, wants to forget it happened and is glad that nothing happened to TJ. However, Molly thinks Rafe has changed and turned him down so Rafe runs off.  Sam looks for Rafe and tells TJ and Molly about Silas' arrest.

Nathan tells about his arrest to someone on the phone at the Floating Rib. Lulu arrives and Nathan offers her a drink. She then admits that Dante is her husband and that their marriage is on the rocks. Nathan thinks Dante cheated but she corrected him. She blamed Dante for something that was not his fault. Nathan urges her to go home and even if she wants to and still very much loves Dante, she's worried that she has failed Dante. Nathan comforts her as she cries but Dante walks in an sees them in an intimate position.

Meanwhile, Sonny accuses Morgan of betraying his Dad. He only wanted to trust Morgan but Morgan tells him he had no choice. Julian threatened Michael and his Mom so he had to keep the family safe. He asks for forgiveness and Sonny will fix everything on the condition that Morgan has to be done with Julian and Ava. Morgan says what he has with Ava is real but Sonny does not buy it.

Ava then practices her gun in her room on Julian, who accuses her of being soft. He knows she means business after she shot Olivia but is surprised with what she's doing to Silas. Sam told Julian that Ava is framing him for Nina's murder but she laughs at this and accuses him of wanting to be Sam's hero. Ava tells him that he is hurts Morgan, he will deal with her. Just then, she gets a text from Morgan breaking up with her.

In the next episode, Chandra Wilson will meet Franco. Scott urges Lucy to end her marriage as they were naked in bed. Julian and Alexis kiss. Dante pulls Nathan off of Lulu. Anna informs Robert that Duke is after Julian and Duke assures Sonny of his commitment.

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