‘General Hospital’ Nurses’ Ball Spoilers and Guest Star: Drama in Store for Lucy, Sonny, Olivia Plus Ronn Moss of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Appears

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The 2014 Nurses Ball is here in the "General Hospital." The 20th edition of the iconic event will be covered in four episodes starting on May 8 and finishing on May 13. These four episodes are said to be loaded with twists and turns. Lucy is set to resume the duties of the host at 2014 Nurses' Ball.

Lucy's Secret Revealed at Nurses' Ball 2014

Lucy is ready to be the emcee and during the event her dark secret might pop-up in front of her. Lots of drama expected in this arc. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Lucy's affair with Scott is going to be revealed during the Nurses' Ball. How will Lucy's husband Kevin deal with her wife cheating on him?

Olivia Knows About Sonny and Ava's Tryst

Olivia might confront Sonny for getting involved with Ava. Olivia asks Sonny and demands an explanation. She tells him to come clean and admit whether he cheated on her or not.

Sonny goes on to tell the truth to Olivia because she already knows about it. She walks out on the mobster and it looks like their relationship is over. However, according to Enstars, Sonny and Olivia are going to be entering the Nurses' Ball together.

The mobster will try to patch things up with Olivia at the ball. However, tension will continue to grow between them.

Guest Star at Nurses' Ball 2014

Soap Opera Digest conformed that "The Bold and The Beautiful" star Ronn Moss has joined the cast of "General Hospital" for an episode.

Also, characters from the past may show up at Nurses' Ball 2014.

Meanwhile, the ball is set to see some Liz, Ric and Nikolas drama. The love triangle might end soon. After it was revealed that Britt was behind the kidnapping of Lulu and Dante's baby, Nikolas decided to call off the engagement. He decided to win back Liz. However, Ric Lansing, ex of Liz, returned to Port Charles. He also wants to win back Liz. Meanwhile, Liz tells Nikolas that she still has feelings for him.

Liz might make a decision about Ric and Nikolas by the end of Nurses' Ball in "General Hospital."

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