‘General Hospital’: James Franco to Appear for One Last Time; Update On Michael Muhney’s and Steve Burton’s Casting in the Show

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Several names are being associated with the long running daily soap opera "General Hospital." Recent reports, suggested that actors like Michael Muhney and Steve Burton of "The Young and the Restless" will be joining the cast of "General Hospital." Read on to find out who else is on the list?

According to more cast spoiler's reports, "General Hospital's" head writer Ron Carlivati wishes "127 Hours" actor James Franco to return to the show for one last time.  

Showbiz411 reports that the head writer wants the real Franco to appear as himself. Reportedly, over the last three years, actor James Franco has appeared numerous times on the show. He played the role of Franco a "crazy artist" who was a terror for the people of Port Charles.

Franco's role was then taken over by another actor named Roger Howarth, who discovered that he is affected by a brain tumor. His disease pardoned him from many of his wrongdoings. As reported by Examiner.com, his character is now "cured" of his illness and is romancing one of the ladies who became the victim of his immoral behavior in the past.  

And now, Ron Carlivati wishes that James Franco appears as himself on "General Hospital" and confronts the "fictitious Franco," as quoted by Showbiz411.

Fans would definitely look forward to witness the return of James Franco as Franco in "General Hospital." But this has not been confirmed.

More reports on casting, hinted at the possibility of "The Young and the Restless" star Michael Muhney in the show. Rumors emerged in the wake of his alleged dismissal from the show after being accused of sexually harassing his co-star Hunter King. Speculations have been running wild but nothing has been confirmed on his casting in "General Hospital." The much-loved actor has not yet spoken about his future plans. Fans who have supported him enthusiastically during his abrupt firing from "The Young and The Restless," are eager for his return in show.   

Meanwhile, actor Steve Burton responded to rumors claiming his return to fan-favorite "General Hospital."A frenzy of speculation aroused with the possibility of his return as his original character Jason Morgan in the show.

Steve Burton left the show to join another long running soap opera "The Young and The Restless," wherein he plays the role of Dylan McAvoy. While addressing the issue on social media network and microblogging site Twitter, he confirmed that he is still under contract with "Y&R" and will not be leaving the show for now. He made it clear while answering a question by a fan and revealed that he "just re-signed" his contract with "The Young and The Restless."

Fans were highly disappointed when Steve Burton exited from the show. Even after years of his departure, fans look forward to his return as Jason Morgan in "General Hospital." Also, fans are excited for James Franco's return as Franco, but it is still not known if he will make a comeback for one last time. Meanwhile, fans await "The Young and the Restless'" Michael Muhney's confirmation of the rumors. Even though they were sad about his dismissal from the show, they now want him to move on to a different TV series. Let us know if you would like to see Michael Muhney in "General Hospital?" 

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