‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoiler Updates: Jordan Arrested by Dante and Anna Plus Imposter Luke Meets Alexis

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May 19-23 is another action-packed week in Port Charles and fans can expect shocking twists during this week's episodes. Fake Luke is set to pursue his menacing ways this week as he comes to meet Alexis. However, she is unaware that he might harm her. Also, Jordan might land herself in trouble for her connection with fake Luke and Julian Jerome.

Also, Julian is set to make a shocking announcement and he calls for a family dinner. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, he might reveal that he is ready to quit the mob. However, fake Luke will make sure he doesn't end up doing something he will regret later.

Meanwhile, TJ's mom Jordan is a part of fake Luke and Julian Jerome's drug-trafficking circuit. However, things look rough for Jordan as Duke and Sonny informed Anna and PCPD some valuable intel about the drug circuit.

This week in "General Hospital," Julian Jerome and fake Luke are expecting a big drug consignment and Anna and her team are waiting for the deal to happen. She is all set to catch Julian red-handed and put him behind the bars.

Things take an ugly turn for Anna when Julian decides to send Jordan for the deal. Dante and Anna take Jordan into custody.

Finola Hughes talked to Soap Opera Digest and there is more to Jordan's arrest.

"When Anna gets there [to the pier] Jordan is handcuffed. Dante says 'She wanted to talk to you. She wouldn't leave until she spoke to you.' Dante leaves and the two of us are left there and we start a long discussion. Through their conversation, Anna makes an important discovery. I absolutely love what comes of it. The whole thing is great! I have wanted to do a storyline like this one for a long time," said Finola to Soap Opera Digest. 

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