‘General Hospital' Casting News: Hannah Nordberg to Play Jocelyn Plus Bradford Anderson May Return as Damian Spinelli

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The different characters in “General Hospital” play their parts and go away. However, fans love to see some of these characters return to Port Charles as regulars. One such character is Damian Spinelli portrayed by Bradford Anderson. Damian played an important role in “General Hospital,” however the character was written off when he moved with his girlfriend Ellie and daughter Georgie to Portland. Also, Hannah Nordberg will play Carly’s daughter, Jocelyn.

Bradford's character returned to the show for a short period. Carly and Franco went to Portland in order to meet Damian. Apparently, Carly and Franco asked for his help on cleaning the audio recording on the cell phone of AJ Quartermaine. After meeting Damian, Carly and Franco left for Port Charles. Fans certainly want something more than this brief appearance of Bradford's character in the show. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, it was revealed Damian would be coming back to "General Hospital," but nobody imagined he was returning only for one episode.

Recently, Bradford Anderson talked to Soaps In Depth and revealed he wants his character to return to Port Charles.

"I think [what just aired] was to establish Spinelli and Ellie in the reality of living in Portland and keeping us on the canvas [in some way]. I think that's nice! When I left, they very clearly said there was an open door. So by establishing us where we are and having people still use Spinelli for things, that means they can call me any time," said Bradford to Soaps In Depth (via Celeb Dirty Laundry).

Meanwhile, "General Hospital" has announced that from Tuesday, June 17, Hannah Nordberg will be seen in the show. She will play the character of Carly's daughter, Jocelyn, reports Soaps In Depth.

This will be Hannah's first big TV role. Before this, she played Olive in "Little Miss Sunshine," an Off-Broadway production.

Stay tuned for more "General Hospital" updates.

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