GDC 2014 Update: A Peek at the 25 New Games in ID@Xbox For Xbox One

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In today's era of independent games, the ID@Xbox team could not be more excited as a second wave of developers who signed the program in the previous month, 250 have already gotten development kits for Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program.

As GDC kicks off in San Francisco, there are already 25 games coming to Xbox One via ID@Xbox.

According to ID@Xbox Games Director Chris Charla, the team has been working with the developers after the program was first announced in August to bring diverse games to Xbox One. The goal was to make the process easy so developers would focus on creating the games, which matter most.

The initial sample highlighted an exciting, diverse group coming from nine countries worldwide. There were new innovations such as "FRU" and "It Draws a Red Box," which takes advantage of the features of Xbox One in fresh and exciting ways with Kinect integration and the local eight-player gameplay. Also, brought to the platform are fan favorites, which include "Divekick" and "Strike Suit Zero."

Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer of Microsoft Studios said the goal is to make Xbox One the best avenue to play games and having diversity in the portfolio for the gamers. They are working with independent developers to bring their innovation and creativity to the box. Today is just the beginning.

Check the Xbox Store for ID@Xbox game titles in the coming weeks, such as "Nutjitsu," "Strike Suit Zero," "1001 Spikes," etc. At GDC, also available to play is "It Draws a Red Box" and Team Colorblind's "Aztez." Check them out in the Microsoft Lobby Bar and Unity booth respectively.

The games coming to Xbox One soon are listed below with no chronological or comprehensive order. Many are in the pipeline via ID@Xbox like "Pool Nation FX," "Stick it to the Man," "Another World," "The ARC," "Ninja Cowboys" and "Mortar Melon." More are expected to come soon.

Some of the games in ID@Xbox are 1001 Spikes, Calibre 10 Racing Series, CastleStorm, Chariot, Chuck's Challenge 3D, Contrast, Divekick Addition Edition+, Forced, Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition, Gunscape, Habitat, Hyper Light Drifter, Pinball Arcade, Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut, Riptide GP2 and Roundabout.

Also in the list are Sixty Second Shooter Prime, Spectra: 8bit Racing, Super Time Force, The Last Tinker and Wulverblade.

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