‘Gangnam Style’ Pop Star Psy Releases New Video With Snoop Dogg

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Psy has collaborated with Snoop Dogg delivering "Hangover." The video was launched in the U.S. on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The South Korean pop singer created an unprecedented sensation online after releasing "Gangnam Style" music video on YouTube. It eventually became the most viewed video, surpassing two billion hits for the first time in YouTube history.

His collaboration with Snoop Dogg delivers "Hangover," which debuted online on June 8. The singers were no rapping about how "wasted" they were in the previous night.

Post-Gangnam, the South Korean singer went into oblivion after he had "brief outburst of anti-American" views. But his comeback with the American rapper may turn out to be extraordinary.

TIME called the video "art" and "delightful." Huffington Post considered Snoop Dogg and Psy a "rowdy duo." The "booty-shaking, alcohol-soaked music video," where the "sharp-suited duo" is dancing around has already been viewed more than 15 million times within a couple of days of its launch. But that is no way close to "Gangnam Style," which received 38 million views on its first day.

YouTube viewers were not particularly happy about the video. "Worst tune and video ever made. Perhaps there's a video and tune in the '80's that's worse, but I doubt it," 1a1ab2 wrote.

"This sends out a bad message to children, alcohol isn't cool," Jakes Daicos wrote. Lovelymasquerade was apparently not happy with the collaboration.

"More PSY less Snoop please. South Korea doesn't need this much autotune or cliche black rap culture nonsense," she wrote.

"Am I the only one who feels this song sucks? Sounds like a song you take a break from dancing to in the club. Really obnoxious," Stunt36 wrote.

"This would be the worst song to listen to with a hangover," ohzee said.

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