‘Gang Related’ Episode 2 Spoilers: ‘Sangre Por Sangre’

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After a thrilling first episode, Fox's "Gang Related" premiered last Thursday, May 22, a show that follows a cop serving two masters at one time. Torn between the family who raised him and doing the right thing, Ryan Lopez played by "Charlie's Angels" Ramon Rodriguez is a crooked cop who is in the middle of two opposing sides.

The show's episode two features Ryan trying to find the person who murdered his partner James played by "General Hospital" Ross Thomas. One of the show's cringe-worthy moments, James' brutal death at the hands of Carlos played by "Sons of Anarchy" Reynaldo Gallegos will make fans asking for more action from the show.

"Gang Related" episode two synopsis reads: "Ryan tries to find the rival gang members who shot Carlos to stop a feud from turning into a war as well as hide his own involvement in the matter. Elsewhere, Ryan finds himself falling for Jessica."

Now, complicating Ryan's double life, James' death will send every police of the Gang Task Force to look into every member of Javier's family, Sam's ("Lost" Terry O'Quinn) task force head attempts to get to the gang's patriarch. In his plan to end the feud, Ryan will find the one responsible for James' death but also in a difficult position to hide his true identity.

With a tag line, "every hero has a dark side," the all-new cop drama series is a complete opposite of FX biker drama series "Sons of Anarchy." The show now focus on the cop side of the story as they try to end gang related activities, but the big twist is that the person trying to end the crime is the one protecting the gang.

Other stars on the series is Jay Hernandez as Daniel, "One Tree Hill" star Shantel VanSanten as Jessica, Cliff Curtis as Javier Acosta, Emilio Rivera as Tio Gardo, RZA as Cassius Grren and Sung Kang as Tae Kim. Executive produced by Chris Morgan, "Gang Related's" review was mixed and according to The Wall Street Journal, "the writing is sharp, the atmosphere thick with tension from, among other things, car and foot chases."

While The Hollywood Reporter wrote: "It's pretty clear right away that you're dealing with a pile of clichés that, pushed together and financed, can never be more than dreadful."

Will he able to pick a side before his identity will be revealed? Find out in the next episode of "Gang Related" on May 29, Thursday, at 9/8c.

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