Gaming News: World of Warcraft Warned for Trojan; Hackers Claim Attacks on Two Sites; Videogame Post-Holiday Deals

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"World of Warcraft" games should be on the lookout for a new source of Trojan that has been plaguing a number of players.

It seems that a fake Web site for the Curse Client, an add-on manager for the game, has been the source of the Trojan. GameSpot reports that the fact that the fake Web site is now becoming popular is proof that more and more people are potentially downloading the game alongside the add-on.

"The Trojan is built into a fake (but working) version of the Curse Client that is downloaded from a fake version of the Curse Website. This site was popping up in searches for 'curse client' on major search engines, which is how people were lured into going there," according to a Blizzard statement as quoted by GameSpot.

For now, victims of the Curse Client Trojan are advised to delete the fake add-on manager and then check for potential malware left in the PC.

For those who haven't had the chance to download this, best steer clear from any Curse Client Web sites for now to avoid getting a Trojan on their PCs.

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Steam and Origin Hit by Hackers

It seems that hackers are hard at work when it comes to targeting Web sites right after the New Year. One group of hackers, in particular, who calls themselves Derp, claims to have been responsible for "Origin's" supposed downtime. This problem is felt by users intermittently, especially with games such as "Star Wars: The Old Republic," which is played online.

"We've directed the Gaben Laser Beam @ the EA login servers. Origin #offline," said the group in its Derp Twitter account.

The group has also claimed responsibility for the downtimes that have been experienced by some PSN users in the most recent downtime.

VG 24/7 reports another DDoS attack, this time directed at Steam. @chFtheCat has admitted to being responsible for the DDoS attack on Steam which took down the service site for almost an hour.

According to the report, there were issues in the store and community services for Steam for quite some time.

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Gaming Deals at Amazon and Best Buy

Even though the holidays are finally over, there's still a good chance for tjpse who have Christmas and New Year gifts and bonuses to use them up to get the latest in games.

Scouring through Amazon and Best Buy, here are some of the deals that can be availed of for games and accessories.

Best Buy deals for My Best Buy Gamers Club members, with free shipping:

-       $20 off on "The Last of Us" for the PS3

-       $20 off on "Gran Turismo 6" for the PS3

-       $20 on "BEYOND: Two Souls" for the PS3

-       $10 to $30 off on select "The Elder Scrolls" titles

-       "South Park: The Stick of Truth" Pre-order Bonus (where customers can receive four in-game costumes with special abilities for every pre-order on the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC)

-       "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z" Pre-order Bonus (where customers can get the in-game Super Vegito for Xbox 360 and PS3 pre-orders)

-       $10 in Reward Certificates for every pre-ordered and purchased game

-       $20 off on select Wii and Wii U Controllers

-       $20 off on a 12-month Xbox Live Gold Card (when customers buy an Xbox One or an Xbox 360)

-       Buy two Disney Infinity figures or play sets and get a third for free

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Amazon deals:

-       "Need for Speed Rivals" on the PS4 ($49.99) or the Xbox One ($48.99)

-       "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag" on the PS4 and Xbox One ($59.99)

-       "Battlefield 4" on the PS4 ($48.99) and the Xbox One ($49.99)

-       "Call of Duty: Ghosts" on the PS4 ($49.43) or the Xbox One ($47.03)

-       "NBA 2K14" on the PS4 ($49.99) or the Xbox One ($50)

-       "Injustice: Gods Among Us" Ultimate Edition on the PS4 ($58.82)

-       "FIFA 14" on the PS4 and Xbox One ($48.98)

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