Gaming News: Ubisoft Working on Next AC, Splinter Cell and More; Tales from the Borderlands Detailed

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Ubisoft's Watch Dogs may be getting some mixed receptions from fans with the delay and the now new rumours of the game being less than what was expected of it, but the publisher is pretty much staying on track with developing a slew of games, if the rumours are to be believed.

It seems like five unannounced games are already shaping up over at Ubisoft Toronto, at least according to various sources. PlayStation Universe reports that Jade Raymond, Assassin's Creed producer, has at least confirmed the five projects, though these are being done in several Ubisoft studios.

"There are definitely a lot of plates spinning. None of them have been announced," said Raymond in a report quoted by PlayStation Universe. So far, speculations have already spring up on what these titles could be.

Pure News has given titles to these unannounced games, including the new Assassin's Creed game. two new IPs, a Splinter Cell game, and a mystery game based on one of Ubisoft's bigger franchises.

Past rumours pointing to Assassin's Creed 5 discussions of the next setting have already begun early this year, while teasers of a possible Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas have also been teased by Ubisoft, so perhaps those two are in the list.

For now, the biggest title to date for the publisher is Watch Dogs, set to release on May 27 after the long delay and many rumours that accompanied it.

Tales from the Borderlands detailed

Borderlands from Gearbox Software has been a well-received franchise, but this time around, instead of a Borderlands 2, fans of the series will be treated to a new take from Telltale Games.

Previously announced by the two studios is the fact that Teltlale Games will try its hand at the Borderlands series, and the makers of Borderlands are just nothing short of happy at the idea of expert videogame storytellers handling it.

And now, more details have surfaced about the game, starting with the fact that there will be two protagonists for the episodic adventure. Polygon reports that the setting will be on planet Pandora, hailing back to the first two Borderlands games, with the spotlight turning away from the Vault Hunters to land on other Pandorians.

Previous artworks and teasers have already revealed the two. The first is Fiona, the fiery-looking female who is a con artist and Rhys, an enhanced Hyperion. Players will get to play both characters, and--banking on what Telltale Games does best--the stories will be varying versions of the truth, considering the protagonists' tendency to create "discrepancies" in them.

According to the source, the Fiona and Rhys are driven by greed, and so you are pretty much trying to play your way through tall tales, and your decision-making is going by the less unpleasant one of the bunch.

While keeping the overall tone and appeal of Borderlands, it's nice to know that Telltale Games is also planning to put its own signature on the franchise.

"We've got all this pent up comedy in boxes around in the studio that we've been wanting to unpack," said Kevin Bruner of Telltale Games in a statement quoted by Polygon. "It's a Borderlands game, there has to be crazy stuff going on."

"Borderlands can be more than just shooting people in the face repeatedly," said Gearbox wfriter Anthony Burch. "That it could be shooting people in the face repeatedly and then talking to them is a cool possibility for us."

Tales from the Borderlands seems to be shaping up into an installment worthy of being lined up together with the franchise.

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