Gaming News: Titanfall K’NEX Toys Detailed; MGSV: Ground Zeroes Delayed But Angry Birds Epic Now Out in AU and NZ

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Titanfall has been out for some time, and already, toys are coming out for the franchise. It seems that autumn will be welcoming in a merging of Titanfall and K'NEX as the Titanfall sets have been confirmed to launch in the U.S. and UK.

A number of sets have already been specified, such as the Ultimate Angel City Campaign Building Set, which brings in more than 1,200 K'NEX pieces for 2 12-inch Titans, six figures, and weapons, Angel City Escape Building Set that has around 500+ K'NEX pieces and four figures, and the MILITIA Ogre Titan Building Set, where you can build the 12-inch high Ogre Titan and a MILITIA pilot figure.

Other sets include the Atlas Titan, the IMC Pilot Strike, and the Pilot Attack Building Set. Videogamer has the complete list along with the price list, which you can check in the link above.

Angry Birds already available for AU and NZ

For fans of the Angry Birds franchise, a soft-launch has already hit Australia, New Zealand and also Canada, with the series now going for a more medieval look and feel.

Rovio has officially announced that the iOS version of Angry Birds Epic is out for the three countries, but will be fully launched come spring.

The new game is going to be an RPG set in Piggy Island. Players can expect a new storyline turn-based combat, a challenging end game, crafting weapons, armours, and potions, coin collecting, and more.

iDownload Blog adds that there will also be a number of worlds to explore in Piggy Island as well as epic characters like Red, Chuck, Bomb, King Pig, Prince Porky and more. There will be a lot of leveling up as you attempt to take on the pig warrior, and, of course, the humour that's the trademark of Angry Birds.

The reason why only these three areas are getting the soft-launch? "This is a soft launch, which is what game developers do when the game development is ready, but they want some critical feedback from players in the real world," said Rovio over at the official blog.

The developer has promised that even though the soft launch is limited, fans who are outside the territories will not have to wait for too long.

MGSV Ground Zeroes delayed in AU, NZ

While Australia and New Zealand are enjoying the soft launch of Rovio's newest game, those in the territory will also have to give up on playing MGSV: Ground Zeroes, at least for another week.

Joystiq reports that developer Konami has already confirmed the delay and new release date, which is now announced to be March 27. This comes after the delay of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, also in the two territories.

There were no explanations on why the delay has occurred, but if the trend follows Castlevania, the downloadable version of MGSV: Ground Zeroes may not be affected by the scheduled delay.

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