Gaming News: 'Tales from the Borderlands' Details on March, New Tony Hawk Game and 'BioShock Infinite' Updates for PS Vita Unsure

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Gearbox Software's major franchise, "Borderlands," has been reported to have Telltale Games work for one aspect of the series, called "Tales from the Borderlands."

Up until now, there are no concrete reports as to the state of the next game coming from "The Walking Dead" game developer. But the latest from Joystiq reveals that SXSW 2014 may have some details coming for the game.

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The report states that the top executives in the studio, including Telltales president Kevin Bruner, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford, Telltale designer Harrison Pink and "Borderland" series director Matthew Armstrong and writer Anthony Burch will be present during the SXSW 2014 panel.

And accordingly, the presented people will be providing glimpses and details of the game creation during the Q&A forum. The panel is slated or March 8, so there will surely be a couple of updates to look forward to.

New Tony Hawk Game Already Being Planned?

It has been a while since a Tony Hawk skater game has been heard of, but that does not mean that the franchise is dead.

According to IGN, Tony Hawk had said during a radio interview, "We're working on a game... it's pretty cool."

During the interview, no other information has been revealed, though it seems that a developer was still lacking at that time. But now, word has it that Activision may be involved in the project, with a confirmation from the developer's representative.

"Activision can confirm that they have something in the works with Tony Hawk, more info is coming soon."

BioShock Infinite on Limbo with Studio Shutdown

Irrational Games has already been confirmed to disband by head boss Ken Levine, despite the "BioShock Infinite" franchise still in operation awaiting further releases.

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And those who have a copy of the game on the PS Vita may be looking at an uncertain future of the game in that platform. CVG reports that 2K Games remains quiet when it comes to the future of "BioShock Infinite" on the PS Vita.

Add the fact that Irrational Games will be shutting down and the confirmation from Mr Levine himself that the PS Vita version of "Borderlands 2" seems to show that any updates for the game is ultimately not progressing in any way.

Perhaps the best solution for this is to have another developer work on the port, as was the original plan by Mr Levine way back in 2011. According to TechnoBuffalo, the idea was already pitched by Mr Levine with the hope of backing coming from Take-Two, though not much has been said by way of update about this matter.

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