Gaming News: 'Sons of Anarchy' Game Coming, 'Dark Souls 2' Pre-orders; 'Fable Legends' Plans from Lionhead

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"Fable Legends" may not be every gamers' typical game, at least not the way Lionhead Studios is planning on creating it.

It seems that the upcoming game will follow a "games as a service" model, where the game is actually a platform for more than just a game, and one where players can just keep adding new content to.

"My plan is that Legends is essentially a platform for almost everything Fable going forward. It's a long-range plan, of five to ten years, where we're going to build and keep building onto Fable Legends," said John Needham, studio boss at Lionhead, in an interview quoted by GameSpot.

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One good way to look at it is in building the universe of "Fables" to become as big as "World of Warcraft." Instead of just shipping out a game and moving to the next IP, Lionhead may aim to build a world of "Fables" and keep at it by engaging its gamers.

"Fable Legends" is coming out as a beta in 2014, though the final release date has not yet been set.

'Sons of Anarchy' Game is the Real Deal

Fans of the "Sons of Anarchy" drama series will now also be able to look forward to playing the game, as Kurt Sutter, the creator of the series, has teased in a tweet.

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According to Polygon, "Sons of Anarchy" video game almost didn't happen because it seemed like there was no support in creating the game after coming to Rockstar Games. In addition, there didn't seem to any support from Fox.

For now, there are no details yet of who will be developing the game or even other details pertaining to what fans can expect. But at least it's definitely happening, and if it's got Mr Sutter this excited after previous disappointments, it may really be something to look forward to.

'Dark Souls 2' Gets Pre-order Bonuses

With a month away from the release date of the game, "Dark Souls 2" developer Namco Bandai has released pre-order bonuses that include early weapon access. Gamers can now choose from five weapons and shields at the get-go instead of waiting until a few hours when gamers start on the game.

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The weapons will be available if gamers pre-order the Black Armor or Collector's Edition version of the game. The five weapons and shields combos are as follows:

- Black Flamestone Dagger and Parma: Weapons are encrusted with the Black Flamestone, which makes them extremely sharp and resistant to damage

- Yellow Quartz Long Sword and Shield: Found in the Iron Keep, these are pretty light and powerful, but vulnerable to corrosion.

- Homunculus Mace and Wooden Shield: The mace has increased striking power, while the shield has defensive capabilities.

- Transgressor's Staff and Leather Shield: These are catalyst weapons for sorcery and hex, and have an effect called "Darkness."

- Bound Hand Axe and Wooden Shield: These weapons are wrapped in chains and thorns that make enemies bleed.

"DARK SOULS II will offer hardcore fans and all gamers a new challenge to overcome. The word 'challenge' will reach a whole new level with this new opus!," said Hiroaki Ochiai, senior VP of IP Strategy at Namco Bandai Games Europe in a press release obtained by Joystiq.

"With this Black Armour Weapons pack offering an early in-game access to five sets of weapons and shields, adventurers will most certainly welcome a little help to survive the dark world surrounding!"

"Dark Souls 2" will be available come March 14 on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version is expected sometime later.

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