Gaming News: Minecraft Movie Coming; Next Batman Game Leaked; Cool Rambo Game from Naughty Dog

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Even after the reported cancellation of the Minecraft movie Kickstarted by a fan, it seems that the blocky franchise will still find its way onto the silver screen.

Already, Mojang's Markus "Notch" Persson has tweeted, "Someone is trying to leak the fact that we're working with Warner Brothers on a potential Minecraft Movie. I wanted to be the leak!"

Digital Trends reports that there is already a producer set for the movie, The Lego Movie's producer Roy Lee and Mean Girl's executive producer Jill Messick. But that's about as detailed as it can get, as the production timeline or even the planned release date have not been mentioned.

However, reports have shown that the movie may be a live-action one. CNet adds Warner Bros. has already acquired the rights to create the movie, one that will hopefully reflect the true nature of the game--in live form.

Rocksteady's next Batman game about to be revealed?

With WB Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origins having just released the story DLC for the most recent Batman Arkham title, all eyes are now turned to the reveal of the possible next game, which sources are pointing towards Rocksteady as the developer.

IGN has recently reported about GameStop stores getting Batman banners where the logo is surrounded by flames. Seeing as how the latest development in the Batman: Arkham Origins involves Mr. Freeze's Cold, Cold Heart DLC, this obviously pertains to another development in the Arkham series franchise.

According to the report, the retail stores have been confirmed by another source and are legitimate GameStop promotional materials. More evidence of a possible reveal points to a March release of information following a press event held by Rocksteady.

Given that it's already the start of March, fans may want to wait and see possible developments for Batman: Arkham game series.

The better Rambo game you need to play

If you were disappointed with the most recent Rambo game released, there is a better Rambo game from Naughty Dog designer Peter Javidpour. has spotted the Rambo game via Javidpour's Twitter, "Rambo: The Video Game (real title) came out today. This is one better" which redirects to the Flash game. And Javidpour's claim doesn't disappoint, as fans are already pouring praise for the game.

Between hugging souls and ninjas and references that will make you laugh, Last Blood may be the video game meant for fans of the franchise. Best of all you can play it for free over at this link.

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