Gaming News: 'Call of Duty: Ghosts’' Captain Price DLC, 'Borderlands 2' Limited Loverpalooza Skins Detailed, 'Mario Kart 8' Dated

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The rumoured and teased Captain Price DLC for "Call of Duty: Ghosts" is now a reality, and those who have been looking forward to it will be happy to know that Infinity Ward has already announced that an "epic" Captain Price Legend Pack is coming.

According to an announcement on the official "Call of Duty" Web site, the developer has stated that the Captain Price Legend Pack can transform players into the "most legendary and iconic Call of Duty operators" once they step into the "Ghosts" multiplayer.

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The pack will also come with a Personalization Pack with Captain Price-themed weapon camp, patch, background, player card, and reticle, all for $3.99. Aside from this, there will also be customisation options available on Xbox Live, such as Personalization Packs, Extra Slots Pack and Special Characters.

Personalization Packs will be sold at $1.99 and will include themed weapon camo, reticle, patch, player card and background, with four themes, namely Space Cats, Ducky, Inferno and Circuit. Squad customisation is also possible in multiplayer, and some of the members that players can choose from include Merrick, Hesh and Elias, only for $1.99.

'Borderlands 2' Loverpalooza is Back

Gearbox Software and "Borderlands 2" are celebrating the month of love with more than just the release of the Valentine's Day DLC Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre.

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The developer has also recently announced the return of Loverpalooza celebratory skins, which include the following skins for each character:

- Real Men Wear Pink for Axton

- Tiptoe Through the Tulips for Zer0

- Pretty and Pink for Maya

- Pink Eyes for Salvador

- Gumming the Works for Gaige.

All of these skins will be available in the Quick Change character customisation station. In addition to this, there is also the special version of Moxxi's Heart Breaker shotgun available when players redeem the following codes:

PC/Mac Loverpalooza SHiFT Code: 5T53B-6K9KT-Z5B65-BTJJ3-655CZ

 Xbox 360 Loverpalooza SHiFT Code: CTWTB-X3TBC-THXX9-C6JTJ-3JKZW

PlayStation 3 Loverpalooza SHiFT Code: CTWTB-X3TFH-WBWZ5-H3KTJ-3JK9H.

'Mario Kart 8' Gets a Release Date

Over at the Nintendo base, the "Mario Kart 8" game has finally received a release date, and Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has announced that the game will be debuting on the Wii U come May 30.

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In addition to this, GameSpot reports that the roster of players that gamers can choose from for "Mario Kart 8" has grown to include the seven Koopalings.

The King Koopa's minions differ in sizes, and it seems that each will have a unique strength and weakness.

"Mario Kart 8" may be one of the Wii U's winning games, considering that it has reportedly overtaken the selling spot from the PS4 in Amazon Japan. Cinema Blend reports that "Mario Kart 8" is currently at the top spot, with the PS4 already at the fifth rank.

This seems to be impressive enough considering that the release date for "Mario Kart 8" is still months away from now, while the PS4 is going to be released on Feb 22.

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