Gaming News: Borderlands 2 Dev to Announce Next-gen Game, GTA Online Updates and Expected Features

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For the longest time, Gearbox's main dish in gaming is the Borderlands franchise, but it seems that it's going to be moving into next-gen gaming soon enough.

Its first next-gen title may be coming as early as this year, though the title or even the franchise of the new next-gen game has not yet been confirmed. IGN reports that this comes from the latest update from Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford, who said in his Twitter account, "We're working on next-gen platforms TBD. We'll probably announce something later this year."

Borderlands 3 has not yet been discussed or even hinted at being produced by Gearbox--in fact, the last report on the Borderlands franchise had mentioned a bigger world, which should not be hurried just to be rolled out immediately. Given this, speculations of the next-gen Gearbox game can either point to a spin-off or even a new franchise from the studio.

GTA Online gets spring updates and refinements from feedback

GTA 5's online version, GTA Online is still keeping fans updated with new content aside from the Rockstar-verified jobs that the developers have been rolling out.

"Get ready for lots of exciting Grand Theft Auto Online updates to be added throughout the spring and beyond," said Rockstar Games in their official web site. "Here's a brief rundown of some of the new content, features, and enhancements that you can expect to see barreling down the La Puerta Freeway in the months to come."

The Spring game updates include the Capture Creator, which is coming as early as next week. This addition allows the community to create their own original customized Capture Jobs and add to the growing population of Deathmatches and Races via the Social Club. This will give players a chance to become part of the Rockstar-verified jobs, particularly those that stand out.

There's also the High Life Update, which lets you get new high-end apartment options in Los Santos. There will also be additions like the Bullpup Rifle, more wardrobe items, the Dinka Three motorcycle and three new cars. Multi-property ownership is also part of the High Life update, so you can own two properties at the same time.

Part of this is the Mental State feature, which allows you to see if your sessions are passive or psychotically hinged based on the players you are with. Heists are also coming, an in-demand feature that has not yet been dated for the meantime.

A number of improvements will also be coming alongside the Title Updates. These include the addition of the Non-contact option for Races, bonus RP for players who leave feedback on Jobs, and more. You can check out the complete list of planned refinements in the link above.

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