Gaming News: Battlefield 4 Game Breaking Bug, Killzone: Shadow Fall’s New Game Mode

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A number of bugs have already been plaguing Battlefield  4 since the game was released, but now, a new bug has been found that may get you in the face when you least expect it.

MP1st has spotted a game-breaking bug, which is being touted now as a "Death Shield" bug.

It seems that those who may be firing at an enemy can either be surprised by the lack of effect the bullets have on the enemy or find themselves harmed instead. According to the report, the Death Shield bug may be related to the way Battlefield 4's revive system works.

Going by players' discovery, the source states that the revival period of a shot-down enemy in Battlefield 4 may actually be one possible reason for the Death Shield bug. During the time in which the shot-down soldier is able to accept revival from another soldier with a defibrillator, his hit box may block projectiles.

And if you happen to shoot in the way of soldier that is still waiting for a revival from a teammate, that Death Shield Bug's effects may be felt. The downed soldier will either have to disappear or have the revival period expire before you can do damage to the immediate area where the soldier is.

For now, DICE is reportedly already looking at the bug, but a fix has not yet been announced.

Killzone: Shadow Fall gets new mode

Dubbed as the "new King of the game rule set in Killzone," the King of the Hill game mode has debuted or Killzone: Shadow Fall in the aims of bringing chaos to the title.

The new challenging mode will bring in a 16-player limit, as per the request and feedback of the community. This means that the rules now incorporate the 16-man count for Capture & Move with 15 minutes per map.

There will also be a shorter respawn time as well as a point limit, where the required points for capturing the location will increase from 100 to 250 for a greater challenge.

"King of the Hill will have collectible crates, and use all maps. You can download the Map DLC from the PSN store for free. King of the Hill will be featured in your multiplayer home screen for easy access," said the developer in the official Killzone web site.

You can download the King of the Hill Warzone in the link above.

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