Gaming News: Batman Arkham Knight with Rumoured Superman, SimCity’s Offline Update, Titanfall Anti-Cheat Assured

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Everyone seems to be looking forward to Rocksteady's conclusion to the Batman Arkham series franchise, which will be in the form of Batman: Arkham Knight.

And while the Batmobile is already a much-anticipated playable and drivable item in the game, there's another rumoured addition that may excite superhero fans.

According to, Superman may have an appearance in the final installment of the game. This is based on some Easter eggs in the game, wherein there may supposedly be references to Justice League members, which will basically put them in the context of the Arkham universe.

This, of course, is still a rumour, though it would be very interesting to see crossovers, if Rocksteady does, in fact, plan on pursuing another game that features superheroes. There could be a future for a Rocksteady-based buildup of DC Comics superheroes, which would do the franchise quite a lot of good, if movie adaptations of videogames are anything to go by.

SimCity finally gets offline mode, server down for update

After the fiasco during the launch of SimCity, EA has finally announced that SimCity will be available for offline play. This comes along with Update 10, which will bring the offline play for the first time and will be launching today.

But according to Joystiq, servers will be unavailable before the update becomes live. Over at EA's official web site, the offline play for SimCity has been detailed. Titled the new Single-Player Mode will now let SimCity players play anytime and anywhere without having to connect to the Internet.

Update 10 is free and will become available for players of both PC and Mac. Of course, the online version of the game is still available, particularly the Multiplayer, SimCity Word and Online Save Games.

What's more, the DLCs will also be playable for the Single-Player Mode, as well as access to all region maps. However, don't expect to transfer your regions between the Single-Player and Multiplayer modes.

Titanfall's anti-measure not yet enabled

With news of cheaters proliferating the Titanfall territory, it seems that many are banking on Respawn's announced anti-cheat measures, which have been promised early on.

However, this may not be seen as early as now, but the developer has promised that it will be soon.

"We have anti-cheat but it is not enabled yet--it will be soon," said Jon Shiring, software engineer for Respawn, as quoted by GameSpot.

But this doesn't mean that Respawn is not yet doing anything about the cheaters. "Curious about anti-cheat/hackers? We have started kicking players and more will follow," said Respawn in a tweet as per VG 24/7.

Basically, it seems that the anti-cheat has always been used to detect cheaters with aimbots, As an explanation on why the anti-cheat has not yet been fully enforced, Shiring explains that they are using it as surveillance first, before doing any attacks and takedowns on cheaters.

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