Gamescom 2014 to Highlight PS4 Games, Guild Wars 2 International All-Stars Tournament and Counter Strike: GO Second Tournament

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Gamescom 2014 will feature new upcoming games for PlayStation 4, according to Sony, the first International All-Stars Tournament for the top "Guild Wars 2" players and "Counterstrike: Global Offensive" second tournament via Electronic Sports League.

Gamescom 2014 Highlights

Gamescom 2014 in August may the next big thing after E3. Gamescom will host for several events including the announcement of upcoming new gaming titles for PlayStation 4 console, first ever International All-Stars tournament for the top players of "Guild Wars 2" and the second tournament for the online tactical shooter "Counter Strike: Global Offensive."

Sony's Upcoming Games for PS4

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's Worldwide Studios, shared information about several upcoming keys games in development for the latest PlayStation gaming console and which will be revealed at Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show 2014.

"We have long list of this you know, at the beginning of the year you know we are looking at the things we are making and possibly we can show off at E3, or Gamescom, or TGS. E3 is big and huge and important but we wanted to plan out so that we really have fresh and exciting things to talk about at every single big opportunity, so we have something for Gamescom and TGS," Yoshida shared with the PS Blog, as quoted by Crave Online.

'Guild Wars 2' Tournament at Gamescom

"Guild Wars 2" will have its very first International All-Stars Tournament at Gamescom 2014 starting on Aug 13 to 17. Top players from North America, Europe and China will be participating in the tournament.

The "Guild Wars 2" Team announced over at its official Web site that it will be flying top players from these regions to the game convention to compete against each other. For those who are not participating on the first tournament, will feature booths for players to enjoy "Guild Wars 2," chat with developers and participate in other activities.

'Counterstrike: Global Offensive' at Gamescom

Organisers from Gamescom 2014 confirmed the second tournament for the tactical shooter game "Counterstrike: Global Offensive."

It will be held on Aug 14 to 17 in Cologne, Germany. The tournament offers a community-funded prize of $250,000. Top eight teams from the previous event held at Spodek Arena in Poland have been invited to participate in the Cologne tournament.

"The biggest gaming event in the world is the perfect place to host the best CS:GO teams from all over the globe and all of us here at ESL are looking very much forward to what Gamescom has to offer," managing director of pro gaming at ESL, Ulrich Schulze, told Polygon.

Eight additional team slots are expected to be filled by regional qualifiers in Australia, Europe and North America.

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