Game Updates: SimCity Update 2.0 Today, Gears of War: Judgment 2nd DLC & Shin Megami Tensei Pre-order Freebie


Starting 1 p.m. today, you'll have to postpone any SimCity playing until a few hours, after Maxis applies its latest SimCity Update 2.0.

The update will require Maxis to bring down the servers to fully apply the changes, reports GameSpot.

"Choosing a time to issue a major update is never easy, but after looking our peak player time, we've concluded 1 p.m. PDT is the best window for us to make these improvements, said Maxis in the SimCity forums, as quoted by GameSpot.

Among the changes and fixes that are expected to be on go after the update include speeding up invitations, improving school buses, student tracking, and university wing bonuses, allowing water pumps from rivers at a larger radius, and fixing transit problems.

Gears of War: Judgment DLC release date

Following its Haven map pack, the second Gears of War: Judgment DLC, entitled Call to Arms, will finally be available for download.

According to DLCentral, you'll get three multiplayer maps, featuring Terminal in a train terminal setting where you'll fight off Locusts, Blood Drive featuring a hospital blood drive turned battlefield, and Boneyard, where you'll face off on memorial grounds.

There will also be a new multiplayer mode, 10 new achievements for 250 Gamerscore, and 6 armor and gun skins.

Those who have the Gears of War: Judgment Season Pass will be able to access the Call to Arms DLC on April 23, but for non-Season Pass holders can get it on April 30, both at $12.50.

Shin Megami Tensei GameStop exclusive offer

For those who want additional material for Shin Megami Tensei, you can now pre-order at GameStop to get a free costume. The design of the costume, Hardcore Gamer reports is one reminiscent of a medieval knight (in flashy golden yellow color) and red highlights.

This means that, aside from the GameStop offer, you also have a Strategy and Design Book as well as a music collection from the different Shin Megami Tensei games.

Shin Megami Tensei is slated to release in North America on July 16.

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