‘Game of Thrones’ Updates: Seth Rogen & Snoop Dogg Expressing to Join the Cast to Westeros, Episode 8 Recap [VIDEO]

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With three more episodes left, HBO's epic fantasy series "Game of Thrones" season 7 is close to wrapping up and fans of the show including celebrities like Seth Rogen and rapper Snoop Dogg have their say about the many twists and horrible deaths of the show.

Appeared on CGN (aka Double G Network) web series "Nemo Hoes" (Snoop Dogg's YouTube persona), the two actors discussed the episode 8 finale where Littlefinger pushed Lady Lysa to the moon door. The most recent events on "Game of Thrones" inspired a mashed up video of Petry Baelish and Lady Lysa last moment with Ludacris' "Move Bitch."

(Spoiler alert: Don't watch this video if you haven't seen the most recent episode of Thrones.)

The two were smoking weed while discussing the many things that's going on in Westeros, including the highly anticipated fight between The Viper and The Mountain. Thanks for the long Memorial Day weekend, the eager fans of the show are so hype up for this Sunday's episode that features the epic fight and the fate of Tyrion Lannister.

"His father was gonna hook him up, but he couldn't shut his ass up, so now he's gonna have to fight this big-ass gigantic motherfucker," said the "Ridin' In My Chevy" rapper about GOT's upcoming episode. He also revealed that he would jump at the chance to work in a project similar to "Game of Thrones."

"I'd love to do that shit," he quipped. "Be a motherfuckin' king or something. Or even to be a fucking gladiator or warrior."

Aside from smoking and giggling the whole time, the "Bad Neighbours" star said that he will be interested of making a cameo in the series. They even discussed Daenerys Unsullied soldiers and the comedian mentioned: "No they have d*cks just no b*lls I think."

Rogen and his "Pineapple Express" co-star James Franco also made a parody of Kanye West's song "Bound 2" and was even invited to perform it at their wedding in Italy last weekend. But the pair declined the invite.

What do you think of Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen making a cameo in "Game of Thrones?"

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