'Game of Thrones' Update: 'The Mountain' and 'The Red Viper' Faces Off for a Death-Bound Bout - Quick Preview for Episode 8 [WATCH]

Pedro Pascal
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"Game of Thrones" Episode 8 promises fans and viewers that it will have the most exciting scenes to date for Season 4. After Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) pledged "I will be your champion" to Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), everyone will witness two of Westeros' most battle-feared men have at it in a trial-by-combat.

Before getting to the anticipated battle of "The Mountain" and "The Viper," the latest official trailer of Game of Thrones 4x8 gives its viewers other important happenings with the other characters.

First, Ramsay Snow (Iwan Rheon) orders Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) to conquer Moat Caitlin. Moat Cailin has been long established as one of the North's defending fortresses, which is currently stationed by Lord Balon Greyjoy's men. Theon's father will not be pleased should Ramsay's "Reek" succeed in the mission.

The trailer also shows a glimpse of the aftermath with Lysa Tully's disappearance down the Moon Door. Viewers will have to watch out if Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) actually tells Lord Paetyr Baelish's recent "pushy" actions.

Meanwhile further North, Tormund Giantsbane leads the wildlings to seize Mole's Town, of which path leads next to Castle Black. In the short trailer, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) warns the Night's Watch, "if they hit Mole's Town, then we're next." Sam Turly gets all teary fearing for Gilly's fate.

Finally in the last part of the trailer, the long-awaited trial-by-combat is about to take place in King's Landing. The Red Viper shows brandishing his spear and showing off his skills with it. While Oberyn gets all pumped-up, Gregor Clegane calmly takes his huge sword and walks straight to the middle of the arena. Ellaria Sand is worried about the Viper's opponent saying, "You're going to fight that?" In the books, Oberyn answers "I'm going to kill that."

Oberyn Martell, ever since his first time setting on foot on King's Landing, had always kept his agenda of exacting revenge against Gregor Clegane. The Mountain was responsible for raping and murdering Elia, Oberyn's sister, during the "War of the Usurper."

Fans and viewers can expect the battle to be exciting as it was in the books. Despite having an enormous disadvantage in physical size and strength, the Viper will be able to give the Mountain imperative damage. During Oberyn's momentum in the face-off, he might be able to have the Mountain confess for Elia's murder.

Game of Thrones goes on hiatus for a week. The episode titled "The Mountain and The Viper" will air on June 1. 

CREDIT: Game of Thrones/YouTube

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