‘Game of Thrones’ Series: Top 3 Reasons Why Westros Resembles America

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Actress Maisie Williams
Actress Maisie Williams from the HBO series "Game of Thrones", arrives at the AFI Awards 2013 honoring excellence in film and television in Beverly Hills, California January 10, 2014. REUTERS/Fred Prouser

HBO's epic fantasy series "Game of Thrones" is gaining a lot of attention thanks to its great ensemble of cast, well-written script, epic twists, nudity and various similarities to the current political structure of America. Apparently, the show is not just about kings and castles but the show also reflects contemporary America according to some political scientists and authors.

Set in the fictional kingdom of Westeros, "Game of Thrones" features a number of powerful families around the Seven Kingdoms who are after the Iron Throne. An adaptation of George R.R. Martin's highly acclaimed series, "A Song of Ice and Fire," the book was modeled on medieval Europe where there was a huge gap between the royals and the slaves, based on Steven Attewell's blog "Race for the Iron Throne."

If fans would look past the dragons, white walkers, dire wolves and knights, then they will able to see the political and racial parallels between the Seven Kingdoms and United States. Now on its fourth season, the show features more deaths as the plot thickens to win the highest seat of the land.

Here are the three amazing similarities between Westeros and America according to CNN.  

The game is only for the elite few.

With no middle class, the "Game of Thrones" features powerful families of the Seven Kingdoms who will do anything they want even with the expense of the poor. Using the same old rhetoric that explains that poverty is "the poor's fault," Attewell cited a Biblical figure that the poor were descendants of Noah's son, Ham.

"They said that because the poor people are sons and daughters of Ham, it was God's will that they serve as peasants," says Attewell in an interview posted on CNN. "They also cited passages in the Bible that commanded obedience to the king and the servant to the master."

The show's depiction of powerful families trying to gain control for everything mirrors where the U.S. politics is heading in a few years, according to a political science professor from Albright College, Joshua Weikert.

It's not going to be in a far future when American will start to say, "The House of Bush" or the "House of Clinton" when the two political families will decide to run for office.

Westeros is a man's world.

The show is no doubt the best example of the man's world where powerful men uses their power just to get what they want. Peter Baelish abusing his power in the house of pleasure, Joffrey using his power to abuse Sansa and even his uncle Tyrion, and Lord Tywin who will do anything in his power to keep the Iron Throne in his family.

But even in the man's world there are still women who are not afraid to step up and rule like a man. The best example is Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, who despite everything she's been through she is still fighting for her birthright and freeing slaves as the same time. Now a legendary queen, Daennerys represents the women of today as they try to rise above in the world dominated by men.

"They're seeing women in positions of power more and more," says communication professor at Fordham University in New York, Paul Levinson. "Not only Hillary but people like (Sen.) Elizabeth Warren and Sarah Palin. Daenerys captures that aspect. She constantly gets the better of men."

Living beyond the country's means.

It's not the white walkers or the dragons who is the biggest threat to the Iron Throne, but it's The Iron Bank of Braavos. Known as the biggest bank in the Seven Kingdoms, The Iron Bank is the most feared enemy of all for they can fund your enemy to overthrow you.

"National debt, in the United States as in Westeros, scares political leaders. In "Game of Thrones," all leaders dread the Iron Bank's motto: "The Iron Bank will have its due,"" according to the article.

"Game of Thrones" Season 4 premieres every Sunday on HBO.

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