Game of Thrones Season 5 Updates: Jon Snow’s Fate, An Arc Destined for Greatness

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One of the most loved character on the show, Jon Snow's arc on George R.R. Martin's book adaptation is destined for greatness as the next season of the show will test him as the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Played by British actor Kit Harrington, the bastard of Eddard Stark lost his family from the infamous Red Wedding and just recently he lost two of his friends in Pyp and Grenn, and his Wildling lover Ygritte.

Jon ended GOT season 4 in a low note as he said his final goodbye to his red-headed lover, but Stannis' arrival at The Wall will change everything as he challenges all his decision as Lord Commander. Based on Martin's fifth book which will be featured on the show's season 5 there is a big chance that the Winterfell's bastard will die, or at least appears to die, Wet Paint reports.

"Unless the show decides to really stretch out this plotline, we're guessing the show ends Season 5 with Jon's stabbing and an unclear resolution," according to the Web site. "That said, we're betting that he lives, both in the books and on the show. That, or he dies but gets resurrected. After all, the mystery of his parents has not yet been revealed."

When it comes to Jon's parents, some avid GOT fans believed that Ned Stark is not Snow's real father and he is only protecting him because of his sister, Lyanna Stark, who disappeared with Prince Rhaegar Targaryen in the Tower of Joy before Robert's Rebellion. "If Rhaegar secretly married Lyanna, it would ironically mean that Jon is not a bastard despite his life having been defined by his believed bastard status to a great extent, and that he is the heir to the Iron Throne after Aegon VI Targaryen," according to Jon Snow theories on Ice and fire Wiki.

Jon Snow's character even helped showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff in convincing Martin on their pitch about the show my answering the question: "Who is Jon Snow's mother?" In the course of a five-hour meeting in a restaurant of Santa Monica Boulevard, the show creators convinced the highly acclaimed author with their answer to the million dollar question.

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