‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Spoilers: Sophie Turner Reveals New Direction For Sansa Stark, Actress In A New Doppelganger Movie [VIDEO]

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Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner
Cast members Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner arrive for the season four premiere of the HBO series ''Game of Thrones'' in New York March 18, 2014. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Currently in the middle of production in Belfast, "Game of Thrones" Sophie Turner revealed a few things to watch out for Sansa Stark in the show's upcoming fifth season. In her latest interview, Turner admitted that she stopped reading the books since the HBO scripts are going away from George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire."

With so many plots and characters, "Game Thrones" is one of the most unpredictable series in television today. It's no surprise that even the people who are involved on the show are getting confused especially when they are familiar with the book series. Some plots and characters didn't manage to make the cut for GOT's season 5 and Sophie is better off not reading the books until the show will come to a close.

"I kind of read the 'Game of Thrones' books as the seasons [went on]," Turner told Hit Fix. "But now that the storyline and scripts are kind of going away from the books I decided I'm just going to read the scripts so I don't get confused and read the books later."

Sansa's new storyline will begin as she continues to work with Littlefinger in the aftermath of her Aunt Lysa's death. With so many deviations from its original story, her upcoming material is not completely similar to Martin's "A Dance With Dragons" knowing that Tyrion Lannister's wife is not included in the fifth book.

"'Game of Thrones' is so unpredictable and it was a big surprise what is happening to her this season," the "Barely Lethal" added. "I am so excited because it gives me the opportunity to work with new people and it goes in a completely different direction. I think the fans will really like where her storyline is going this season."

Currently promoting her new movie "Another Me," the 18-year-old actress will showcase her acting prowess outside her famous series as a teenager who was stalked by a mysterious doppelganger who wants to take over her life. Written and directed by Isabel Coixet (My Life Without Me), Turner plays alongside Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Claire Forlani and Rhys Ifans.

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