Game of Thrones Season 5 Spoilers: Five Things to Know About Doran Martell’s Captain of the Guards, Areo Hotah

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Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner
Cast members Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner arrive for the season four premiere of the HBO series ''Game of Thrones'' in New York March 18, 2014. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

"Game of Thrones" highly anticipated season 5 is scheduled to be filming this week at Portstewart Strand, a two-mile long beach in Northern Ireland. With most its new cast already named at the recent GOT panel at San Diego Comic Con, the names are already out on who will be playing the famous characters, including DeObia Oparei as Doran Martell's captain of the guard Areo Hotah.

Five things to know about Areo Hotah taken from Ice and Fire Wiki.

1. Set to appear in the "Game of Thrones" season 5, Areo Hotah is the personal guard of the prince who is originally from the Free Cities of Novos, where he was trained by the Bearded Priests of Novos. Broad-shouldered with white hair, Areo bears a longaxe that comes with a six feet long shaft.

2. The youngest of six children, he was sold to the Bearded Priests at a young age and completed his training as a young warrior by the age of 16. To mark the final day of his training, the axe was branded on his chest to signify the importance of the event.

3. He travelled from Norvos with Doran's wife Mellario when she married the Prince of Dorne and made him his personal guard. As a warrior who fights alongside the Doran, he is fond of the ruler's children as he watch them grow up and developed a father-like affection for Princess Arianne Martell. Areo refers Arianne as "little princess."

4. Because of his loyalty to the prince and despite any qualms he may have about his orders, the faithful warrior reminds himself with a simple vow: "Serve, Obey, Protect."

5. "Hotah has the potential to be a pretty cool character if the show gives him even a sliver of personality, but we'll have to wait until season 5 to see what kind of Hotah we end up with," according to Wet Paint.

Meanwhile, the GOT production continues in Ireland as the cast and crew get ready to film in the long stretch of beach. After taking a break during the weekend, filming is back in gear on Monday and fans shared their sightings of the set on social media.

Some even managed to snap some far away pictures while the cast are filming some of the scenes. An Instagram user even managed to snapped some riders along the shoreline and an image of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaimie Lannister) getting into a car.

"Game of Thrones" season 5 will kick in April 2014.

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