'Game of Thrones' Season 4 [Spoilers]: The Story of Jorah Mormont

The events leading to and after Mormont is exiled by Daenerys
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Daenerys Targaryen has become one of the most loved characters in the realm of "Game of Thrones" through the charismatic portrayal of Emilia Clarke. Fans have followed her progress from the meek Targaryen child who was exiled to Essos only to be sold to Khal Drogo by none other than her own brother Viserys. She has since then come into her own and has built a sizable army and is the mother of three fast-growing dragons much to the dismay of the residents of Westeros and the powers-at-be who are still fighting over the Iron Throne. In the course of the four seasons, Daenerys has been joined by various allies and enemies and in season 4, her two knights have come into the spotlight, Jorah Mormont and Barristan Selmy. Here's an in depth look at the back story behind Jorah Mormont and the events leading up to his discovery and banishment by Daenerys.

Jorah Mormont, Lord of Bear Island

The name Mormont is familiar because it is the same one carried by Jeor Mormont, the man who was Lord Commander of the Night's Watch when the Wall and Castle Black were first introduced. Jeor joined the Night's Watch and passed the Lordship of Bear island to his son Jorah.

Jorah had a successful military career and was knighted by Robert Baratheon after fighting in the Greyjoy Rebellion. He was however unsuccessful in his personal life with his first wife leaving him no heirs before passing away from a miscarriage ten years in to their marriage. He then met Lynesse Hightower and subsequently remarried.

The fall and exile of Jorah Mormont:

The marriage led to his downfall as he struggled to provide his wife with the extravagant and comfortable life she was used to. She soon became miserable and he, broke. This forced him to pursue illegal activities to earn money and he entered the slave trade.

He is then exiled into the free cities in an attempt to avoid execution or joining the Night's Watch. His wife eventually finds a lover and leaves him and he makes his way to Pentos where he is taken into the service of Visery Targaryen. Hoping to gain a pardon and return to Westeros, Jorah acts as a spy and reports the activities of the Targaryen siblings to Varys and Robert's council. This is the reason behind the belated pardon which arrived in Barristan Selmy's hands in Episode 8.

Jorah changes allegiance

He gains the trust of Daenerys after he saves her from being poisoned in an attempt to assassinate her fuelled by Robert's offer of a Lordship to whoever is able to accomplish the task. The decree is of course, a direct result of his spying.  During the course of their time together, Jorah has fallen in love with Daenerys and is now loyal to her. He stopped sending his informative letters to Westeros but was unfortunately outed by Barristan Selmy.

Jorah in exile once more

Now discovered by Daenerys,  he is exiled once again. At this point, Tyrion Lannister has made his escape and killed his father. He is spotted by Jorah in one of the brothels and is captured and taken hostage. JOrah is intending to present his hostage to Daenerys to prove his loyalty. The following seasons will jsee JOrah and Tyrion going through various dangerous adventures and near-death experiences in their attempt to reach Daenerys. 

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