‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Spoilers: HBO Airs 15-Minute Featurette, ‘A Foreshadowing’ [VIDEOS]


HBO's "Game of Thrones" Season 4 15-minute featurette is will take it fans back in the world dragons, white walkers, wildlings and the Iron Throne. The "Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing" 15-minute preview is scheduled to be aired on Feb. 9 at 8:45 P.M ET/PT just before "True Detective."

The special preview promises a trip back to "Game of Thrones" Season 1 to 3 and features some scenes from Season 4, including clips from the season's upcoming episodes. And not just that, the featurette also promises behind-the-scenes footage and cast interviews as they answer questions posed by fans.

Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister promises that the upcoming season will be a difficult one for his character. "Tyrion has never been faced with this much humiliation," reveals Dinklage.

After Season 3's Red Wedding, fans will be waiting for one more wedding that will lead Tyrion to an exile away from Kings Landing. The wedding will not be as bloody as the first but this one will include another Stark.

Season 4 will also welcome new cast as "Treme" star Michiel Huisman will replace Ed Skrein as Daario Naharis. Huisman will play as a charming leader of the Stromcrows who is trying to win the affection of Daenerys from the show's previous season.

Dean-Charles Chapman will also replace the young actor Callum Wharry as Tommen Baratheon as the character will have more prominent role in the upcoming season. English actor Kit Harrington will reprise his role as Jon Snow as he takes on a leader's role in Season 4.

"He's speaking and fighting for himself. It's a big season for him. He's got a lot to do... This season, he turns into a leader. He doesn't have an older male figure speaking for him," reveals Harrington.

Other cast who will debut their role in HBO's "Game of Thrones" Season 4 includes Indira Varma as Oberyn's lover Ellaria Sand, Yuri Kolokolnikov as Styr, Magnar of Thenn, Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell, Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Mace Tyrell and "Sherlock's" star Mark Gatiss as Tycho Nestoris.

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