'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Spoilers: Finale Recap, Episode 10 'The Children'

Bran, Arya, Tyrion, Daenerys and Jon Snow wrap up their season
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The season finale of "Game of Thrones" wraps up several story lines and closes off the fourth season with many questions answered but yet even more have been raised. The episode settles the war on the Wall and Tyrion Lannister's fate. Bran finally finds his three-eyed-raven and Arya embarks on a new adventure.

[WARNING: Spoilers Ahead]

Stannis ends the War on the Wall

The episode opens with Jon Snow seeking an audience with Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall. The two men discuss the options that are left to them. Jon asks Mance to return home further North while Mance points out that with the Night's watch left with only a few men to defend the Castle and the gate, the prognosis is grim for the brothers and they should instead freely let the wildlings pass. Mance reiterates once again that they are not there to invade but to seek shelter and safety on the other side of the wall away from the White Walkers.

During the course of their discussion, Mance realizes that Jon has other plans and that he means to kill Mance and leave the wildling army like headless chickens. As Mance is contemplating what to do with Jon, chaos ensues and Mance assumes that the brothers have attacked. Jon admits that they are very few and are incapable of launching an attack. Both men come out and see Stannis Baratheon and his army coming to the aid of the Night's Watch. It can be remembered that the Watch sent out a plea for help from all the Kings of Westeros to aid them from the impending threat. Stannis, who fancies himself the one true King, was defeated in his attempt to take King's Landing and the Iron Throne but has decided to turn North and do what the King of the Seven Kingdoms is meant to do, protect his realm.

The wildlings are forced to surrender to Stannis and Jon advises Stannis to burn the dead before thinking of what to do next.

Jon bids Ygritte a final farewell

As the fallen brothers of the Night's Watch are set on fire, Jon visits Tormund and invites him to ay a eulogy over the wildling dead. Tormund declines but tells Jon that Ygritte loved him and that he must remember that she belongs in the North.

Jon takes Ygritte's body out on the northern side of the wall and light her lone funeral pyre thus ending once and for all the star crossed lovers' story as Jon now needs to face Stannis and his brothers and they must decide what to do with all the wildlings they have now captured and the impending winter and White Walker threat.

Cersei admits her relationship with Jamie.

The Mountain is still alive thus closing out all arguments that Tyrion's trial by combat was a draw. However, The Viper's weapon was laced with Mantacor venom and it seems that The Mountain is about to endure a long drawn out death.

Cersei Lannister meanwhile, after having achieved the death sentencing of her brother, is keen on escaping her fate of being married off to Loras Tyrell. She speaks to Tywin and pleads to him to change his mind which of course, Tywin will never do. Cersei then resorts to other tactics and admits to him that she nearly killed Tommen instead of letting her enemies get to him during the siege of King's Landing. When it still doesn't work, Cersei finally comes out and tells her father that Tommen is in fact Jamie Lannister's son and that she had been in a relationship with her own brother, a fact that Tywin still refuses to accept.

Later, Cersei tells Jamie of what she has done and informs Jamie that their father is now aware of their incestuous affair.

Daenerys chains up her dragons

Meanwhile, in Mereen, Daenerys is sticking to her decision to rule her city like a real queen. She is faced with daily struggles including the request of many of her freed slaves to return to their masters. She realizes her naiveté in thinking that setting slaves free immediately meant a better life for them.

While receiving petitions a man walks in with the burnt body of his daughter claiming that she was burnt to a crisp by Drogon, one of Daenery's dragons. Daenerys is horrified by the incident and makes the difficult decision of chaining her dragons underground in catacombs in order to protect her people from them. The two that are with her are easily chained to the ground by an emotional Daenerys but Drogon, the largest of the brood, is still at large.  

Who is the three-eyed-raven?

Bran and his entourage composed of Jojen and Meera Reed as well as Hodor and his direwolf Summer are far north of the Wall and steadily getting weaker and more desperate.

The group finally arrive at a lone weirwood tree where Jojen declares taht they have reaced their destination.  The group is then attacked by skeletal beings risen from the dead otherwise known as wights. The group tries to fight them off and in the prcess, Bran takes over Hodor's body in order to help fight.

Jojen, already weakened by their journey, is overpowered and stabbed by one of the wights. When things looked completely lost for the group, fireballs started to shoot off from teh entrance of a cave near the weirwood tree, killing the wights. A small person much like a child calls out to them and calls bran by name and asks them to follow her if they wanted to be saved. Meera is forced to leave JOjen but not before killing him herself and not to leave him to be ravaged by the wights.

Inside that cave which is protected by some form of enchantment which does not allow wights to get inside, they find a very old man standing there with the roots of the tree growing all through his body. The man tells Bran that he is the one who shows himself as the three-eyed-raven and led him and Jojen to come to the cave.

The man then tells Bran that he will never walk again but that he will fly. The small person introduces herself as part of a group of ancient people called the "children" who have existed long before the First Men arrived in Westeros.

Tyrion kills Shae and Tywin

Jamie Lannister, perhaps puched by the revelation made by Cersei and fearing his father's wrath, decides to help his brother Tyrion escape. With the help of Varys, he leads Tyrion down a series of hidden passages, ones which were familiar to Tyrion from his days as the Hand of the King. He once used the passages to sneak in and out to see Shae. Because of this, Tyrion knows the way to the tower of the hand. When Jamie leaves him to find his way to Varys, Tyrion makes a short detour to visit the tower. There he is surprised to find Shae in Tywin's bed. Overcome with grief and as a reflex to Shae's actions upon seeing him, he wrestles with her until he eventually manages to strangle her with her own necklace.

He is then enraged by his father's actions and walks off to find him with a crossbow in tow which he found in the rom. He finds his father sitting in the lavatory and tells Tywin that he knows that his father always wanted him dead.

Tywin tries to appease Tyrion by saying that he would never have  allowed him to be executed but Tyrion is no longer buying it. He shoots two arrows into his father while declaring to him that he loved Shae and that he must never call her a whore again.

He then walks off to find Varys who already knows that Tyrion has done the unspeakable. Varys helps him nonetheless and helps load him into a cargo ship bound for the free cities of Essos.

Brienne finally finds Arya

The Hound and Arya have been informed that Lysa Arryn is dead. Therefore, no ransom could be expected from going to the Eyrie so they decide to turn back. Meanwhile, Brienne and Podrick are on their way to the same place in an attempt to locate both Sansa and Arya. The two groups run into each other and Podrick recognizes The Hound from his time in King's Landing. Brienne correctly deduces that the child with him is Arya Stark and challenges the Hound for her. The two end up duelling while Arya, not trusting anybody, decides to hide.

Brienne manages to injure the Hound and pushes the Hound off a cliff. As he lay there unable to move, She tries to find Arya to no avail. Finally, Arya comes down to speak to the Hound and they both know that he is dying. He begs her to give him a quick death but Arya just grabs his money and walks away.

Arya makes her way to a port and there, she  books passage to the city of Braavos by showing a Braavosi ship captain the coin she received from her friend Jaqen h'ghar and mouthing the words "Valar Morghulis" which he told her to memorize and use when the moment calls for it. She is immediately given a cabin and a promise for safe passage to Braavos where she begins her new adventure for the next season. 

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