'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Review: The Unappreciated Hero of Westeros That is Jaime Lannister

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Judging from "Game of Thrones" latest episode "Breaker of Chains," there is no way a viewer will think of Jaime Lannister as a proper hero, especially with his last scene with Queen Cersei Lannister. This incestuous "Lion" is more than just the handsome face, stubborn son, one-handed and currently inept warrior, or anything the TV show depicts him.

Jaime Lannister is the eldest son of the head of House Lannister, Tywinn. According to George R. R. Martin's books "The Song of Ice and Fire," Jaime was trained in the sword when he was only 9 years old. Since then his father has set for him to be a knight in their family's army. This leaves him undoubtedly one of the best swordsmen in all of Westeros. Jaime is not just all about a hero of sword skills and battle history.

Lest forgotten, Jaime has done a lot of dishonorable and evil deeds for him to be considered a hero. Who would forget him pushing young Bran Stark off the tower when they were discovered in his sexual acts with Cersei. The fight he initiated with Eddard "Ned" Stark also brought an added tension to the Starks circumstances at that time. These and more of his actions may be the reason why Jaime himself wouldn't entertain much the idea of getting recognition for that one precious noble deed that he's done for everyone.

So what is this heroic act? Jaime Lannister is also well known in the show to carry the moniker of "Kingslayer". He was given the name after he backstabbed the "Mad King" Aerys Targaryen near the Iron Throne. This was done during the final moments of "The war of the Usurper", also known as Robert Baratheon's Rebellion. Before the treacherous action, Jaime has long served as a Knight of the "Kingsguard" for King Aerys.

During Robert's rebellion, the ambience in King's Landing is in a state of tremor. During the war, news eventually reached King Aerys saying that his son Rhaegar Targaryen has befallen to the hands of Robert Baratheon. At the same time, this is when Tywinn and his army have entered the Capitol sacking the city through. The Mad King, who seemed to have run out of options, has ordered Jaime to go to the castle's alchemist and release "pigshit" upon the whole Capitol itself (as seen in GOT 2x9, used in the battle at Blackwater bay). Pigshit, as termed in GOT, is a volatile green liquid stored in piles upon piles of jars that are very flammable and can cause outrageous bursts of explosive fire.

King Aerys, who's driven by madness, planned on burning the whole city to end all chaos happening around him. But Jaime, who abandoned his oath to protect the king, acted quickly and ended the "madness" by stabbing the Mad King. He killed the King for the good of all Westeros' sake. After the war, he didn't seek praise, recognition, or even the Iron Throne for himself, considering he did everyone a life-saving favor. He just settled to be a Knight of the "White Cloaks" under the newly crowned King Robert Baratheon.

In "Songs" story, Jaime Lannister might have just chosen not to be King, so he can continue the morally sick relationship he has with his twin Cersei. Also, it is not in his character to be directly involved in the game for acquiring the power of the throne. The Kingslayer could only be having difficulty expressing his need for gratitude of what he's done for everyone. Avid readers of the book may say that Jaime's act of heroism has not been recognized and even realized until now. But it doesn't matter so much at the moment with how events are turning up, as there are more issues to be concerned about in the world of Westeros.

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