‘Game of Thrones' Season 4, Episode 3: Five Clues After the Purple Wedding, Get Ready for “Breaker of Chains” [VIDEO]

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So what happens next after the "Purple Wedding? The Seven Kingdoms is now officially kingless and Kings Landing will do anything in its power to get the person behind Joffrey's death even if it means killing someone from the family.

The king is dead and "Game of Thrones" season 4, episode 3 "Breaker of Chains" will feature the aftermath of the "Purple Wedding." Although many people are rejoicing on his tragic end, some people are suffering the consequences and it's not going to look good for Tyrion who was accused by Joffrey on his last dying breath.

Played by Jack Gleeson, the King of the Iron Throne was poisoned and killed on his wedding day and GOT director Alec Graves knew that the wedding scene is going to be epic. Now one of the most talked about episodes in the show's history, "The Lion and the Rose" send its fans into extreme shock followed by a celebration that the hated king is finally dead.

Graves promises GOT fans that there's more to come and the evil King's death is only a beginning. "Ned Stark's death was not an end -- it was a beginning. It's when the show began," Graves revealed during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "All the deaths are like that, and Joffrey's is no different. Joffrey's death affects the show through to the climax."

Here are the five clues after the "Purple Wedding."

1. Tyrion is imprisoned and Sansa is on the run. Yes, the newly married couple are going to be separated and this time each are fearing for their own lives. Tyrion was accused by Joffrey for poisoning him on his last dying breath, while Sansa is the next suspect because on what happened to her family on the "Red Wedding." The only Stark in King's Landing, Sansa was last seen with Ser Dontos as they try to run away.

2. The Queen of Thorns is happy. Based on some websites, Margaery' grandmother, the Queen of Thorns is the brain behind the "Purple Wedding." "You're circumstances have improved markedly," she told her granddaughter. So whether she is behind it or not she is definitely happy on how things are going.

3. The Night's Watch is in big trouble. Based on the last episode, Jon Snow is under interrogation for breaking his oath as a Night's Watch but his information about the Wildlings impending attack will give him an advantage. While Sam will protect Gilly and her infant no matter what the cost.

4. The Mother of Dragons declares war. With her growing army and dragons, Daenery's declares war and she is aiming to attack the City of Slaves, Meereen, and this time she will use a new tactic - death by trebuchet.

5. Davos vs. the Red Woman. Once again, Davos is having issues with Melissandre saying: "I've never heard of visions and prophecies winning a war." With Joffrey's death, Stannis is planning an attack and he is running out of time.

Watch out for "Game of Thrones" Season 4, Episode 3 "Breakers of Chains."

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