‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4, Episode 3 Expectations: What's Next After King Joffrey?[SPOILERS]

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"Game of Thrones" has again pulled off one of the most unforgettable episodes to date. GOT's season 4, episode 2 titled "The Lion and The Rose" surprised viewers ("non-bookies") with the all-too-early death of the "bastard-boy" King Joffrey.

With all the crimes Joffrey has done under his reign, the King's death was certainly a triumphant event for the "Northerners", and viewers as well. It could not exactly be a satisfying revenge for the Starks, not having to do anything with the king's death. Maybe fate itself had its due course, as viewers and book readers very well know that every action, and decision made by the characters reap either good or bad tidings eventually.

The King's death was totally a shocker if compared to the way events were set in the previous season. Talking about major character deaths, the infamous "Red Wedding" only took place in episode 9. In this so-called "Purple Wedding," the King died rather prematurely, considering the episodes Season 4 has yet to show. But Alex Graves, director for the first four episodes of GOT current season, answers why it was decided to make things as they are in the second week's episode.

Here's a little excerpt on the interview for GOT's present director on deadline.com: "Well, David and Dan really made a smart choice which is that while they could have drawn it out to the point where Joffrey died later in the season, they were excited about shaking up the way the seasons normally go and really getting off to a bang of a start..."

Viewers who haven't read the books may ask what's next in store for the show. Now that the obnoxious King is out of the picture, what will be the next tension to warrant anticipation in the show? For one, viewers can expect the turmoil that is happen shortly after the King's death. Then the "Queen of Madness", Cersei Lannister will not just succumb emotionally in one corner, but is expected to reek of anger. Without a moment's thinking, she will accuse her brother Tyrion Lannister of her son's murder, and had him sent to prison. Tywinn, being the King's Hand, will automatically take over the Throne at the moment (unless circumstances arise) and govern King's Landing rather prudently. Also, Margaery Tyrell's next plans for the Queen's crown can still be at play.

In the episodes to come this season, there are certainly more character development to watch out for.

News all over the seven kingdoms will surely spread. The most immediate usurper, Stannis Baratheon, will have a new reason to take the Iron Throne-though a more challenging one at that, considering the Head of the Lannisters taking absolute control. Daenarys Targaryen and her group will still be on the road, amassing still an army in preparation for war. More of Bran Stark's powers and purpose will be revealed. Jon Snow and his current situation at castle black still in tension.

With all these speculated and expected to happen, definitely Game of Thrones has more to offer this season. The King's death in the latest episode is just a harbinger of bigger events to transpire in Westeros.


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